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Batman has his toolbelt, Here is yours 

Some of the top WordPress developers have contributed some of their hottest premium plugins so you could get this sweet deal. 

What you'll get


  • Year subscription to W3 Total Cache Pro. Give your site a speed boost with the market leader in website caching. A full year subscription to W3 Total Cache Pro is included. $99 in value.
  • Devkit by Obox. Relieve the headache that comes from editing your custom CSS and Javascript with this WordPress plugin. $21 in value.
  • Social Commerce by Obox. Rake in the social media money via this Facebook-WooCommerce integration plugin. $39 in value.
  • Expo360 by Plusquare. Show off your beautiful 360 degree photos to the world. Great for gallery and ecommerce sites. $9 in value.
  • Image Optimizer by EWWW.io. Speed up your site by optimizing your image quality with ewww.io. 1,000 optimized photos, $9 in value.
  • Easy Content Types by ThemeIsle. Make dynamic content creation SUPER EASY with a simple interface. $39 in value.
  • Membership to Rise Forums. Get exclusive access to an online community dedicated to helping website owners, WordPress users, and monetization.


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Give your site a speed boost with W3 Total Cache Pro


Seamless CSS and Javascript editing with Devkit


Make content creation and editing super easy with Easy Content Types


You will find only the best here. Each plugin has been thoroughly tested, vetted, and reviewed. With these tools, you’ll have everything you need to create websites with the best features out there!




100% of sales go to charity



Reviews of included plugins:

W3 Total Cache Pro - "This plug-in is fully featured, very easy to use and the features within are well documented. Essential for any public facing site." - luimbe

W3 Total Cache Pro - "I’ve been using this plugin for a while. It’s very complete and provides a lot of options for improving the performance of wordpress site." - Nitish

Easy Content Types - " Using Easy Content Types allowed me to set up the content type, the meta boxes, and the taxonomy, which automatically made those awesome SEO friendly URLs, in about 8 minutes. That kind of power and flexibility can dramatically accelerate the building of a site, and sometimes speed can be very, very important." - ostraining.com

EWWW Image Optimizer - "I love the simplicity of the plugin. You enter the settings of how strong the compression should be and from there it all goes automatically. You can easily choose one image to be re-optimised or go for the bulk option." - Strila



Retail value for this runs at over $250, but today this bundle is $14.97.

Q: Why is this so cheap?

A: Thanks to the generosity of some amazingly talented authors, we put together their plugins so we could have 100% of the money go to charity without any costs.


Q: Whats the catch?

A: No catch! These plugins were generously given to us by their developers to sell for charity.


Q: You said the 100% of my money was going to charity. Which charity?

A: The charity its all going to is called Sun Saluter - they build solar panels in SouthEast India to help people get on the electric grid.


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Thanks to all of the plugin developers for helping make this happen.
W3 Total Cache, Obox, ewww.io, ThemeIsle, WooCommerce.

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