Women Entrepreneurs: Craft Your Singular Story w/ Isabelle Rizo

 Isabelle Rizo - Singular Storytelling

Singular Storytelling

A webinar with Isabelle Rizo of The Bella Vie Project
Tuesday, Aug 30 at 12 pm Eastern

Do you long for an engaging career where you can connect with amazing people, provide real value and move your world tangibly forward? Do you refuse to accept the idea that passion and pragmatism can't coexist?

You're not alone--meet Isabelle Rizo.

No one ever told a great story by hiding their true selves from the world.

Authenticity is the simplest thing in the world--and also one of the most difficult. Growth can only happen beyond the familiar. Love is impossible without sacrifice. 

But in the business world, we often lose sight of what matters. Numbers, spreadsheets, quarterly reports, industry conferences, must-have apps, more spreadsheets.... 

Tell your most compelling story

Perfection is not additive. Buying more tools usually complicates your life.

Perfection is also not the absence of flaws. It is the absence of false pretenses and the unnecessary. You approach perfection by coming closer to your true self and accepting the vulnerability that comes with that. You grow by facing your fears and saying Yes to your innermost dreams. 

In today's society, power is often associated with technology--engines, software, tools and so on. But true power comes from interpersonal connection. And you achieve that connection by telling a story that touches people's hearts. 

All the business sense and spreadsheets in the world don't mean a thing unless you can resonate with people in a powerful way. 

The only way to truly connect with people is to open yourself to them and become vulnerable. To face the fear of failure, and trust that it will make you stronger. 

Who is Isabelle Rizo?

Isabelle has relied on knowing herself and being true to her passions to find success as a digital nomad. She helps other women entrepreneurs discover their passions, shape their brands, and tell their stories in the most compelling ways possible. She does it through authenticity and a focus on value. 

Her focus in a new age of entrepreneurship?

- The willingness to be vulnerable in search of deeper connections

- Authentic storytelling

- Passion for delivering value

Join Isabelle on Tuesday at 12 pm eastern to hear her story, and what entrepreneurship means to her. You'll have a chance to ask her questions afterward, the whole thing will take about 45 mins, and 100% of proceeds go to charity. 

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