Ditch Your Excuses and Make 2014 the Year You Travel

Location independence. Long-term traveling. Digital nomads.

You’ve thought about it. You’ve considered it. You think you can do it.

You believe you’re “waiting for the right time” but you’re stalling. You’re aware that the longer you stall, the least likely you’ll do it.

Before we talk about why we stall…

The 3 Big Misconceptions about Long-Term Travel

1) It’s impossible.

How could a person travel all the time and survive? Is somebody giving him money? A filthy-rich family? Did he have a ton of money before he started?

You just don’t understand.

2) It’s possible for everyone else, but not you.

Your circumstances are different.
You are in debt? You have massive responsibilities? You’re not American? You have a family?
It’s too expensive and there’s no way you can afford it?
3) Already too many people working online.
There’s already a million travel blogs and they feel daunting. But it’s just not true that there’s no more space for you.
Besides, blogging is not even only (not even the best) way to make money while traveling.
These three beliefs are just not true.

But because we believe it, and we can’t stand the thought of saying, we’ll NEVER travel… We stall.

In reality, most people who stall traveling NEVER go out and do it.

Debunking “I can’t afford it”

Of course, long-term traveling costs money like everything else. But there are ways to keep costs amazingly low and still have many rewarding experiences. You can travel for a year for much less than you imagine.

In fact, Earl Baron from Wandering Earl, wrote about how he could afford his life of constant travel.

From 1999-2011, he traveled through Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Italy, Caribbean, Middle East, SE Asia, Central America, Europe, and South America.

In 1999, he flew to Bangkok with $1500 then decided to continue traveling forever, where he:

  • Taught English in Chiang Mai, earning ~$150 USD/week

  • Saved $2500 working as a substitute teacher in Boston for two months

  • Taught English in exchange for room and board in India

  • Lived with friends for 2 months in Australia

  • Saved $8000 working on board cruise ships

  • Lived with a friend in LA for 2 months, worked in a temp agency, then left with $5000

  • Worked as tour manager on board cruise ships and saved $20,000

  • Saved $3300 per month working for UK-cruise line Cunard for 18 months

  • Experimented with online projects, wrote and sold eBooks, and started affiliate marketing

  • Earned online income of $1000/month, then $2500+

He didn’t start with 1 million dollars. Didn’t find a million dollars along the way. Nobody was helping him out.

People writing about quitting their jobs and starting to enjoy life by traveling, exploring sounded ridiculous to me. Well I looove traveling but how long can u not really work? Not have an income still manage to travel? Well you showed me how it could be practical, rational and doable.

--Meenakshi Prasad

You can teach english, work on cruise ships, work temp jobs, start affiliate marketing… The possibilities are endless. There are millions of resources teaching you to do all that.

The problem isn’t what to do, but how.

How do you make yourself do it?

Intellectually, you know what to do. But despite feeling inspired, reading about all the many, different people doing it, and actually believing you can too… You make excuses and leave it for someday.

You just can’t get yourself to do it.

That’s normal. Thankfully, there’s an easy and effective solution.

And that is to have an actual, real-life conversation with someone actually doing it.

Here’s the cool thing: Earl, someone actually doing it (since 1999!) loves meeting new people.

More importantly, he wants to talk to you.

Imagine, the possibility, and the fact that anyone (even you) can do it, becomes more real to you. Plus, you get personal answers to your unique snowflake problems.

This is for you if you…

  • Have read everything but just can’t find the courage

  • Fear things will not go right

  • Are “Hoping to start your journey soon”

  • Think you don’t have enough money

  • ...or you won’t be able to earn enough

  • …or are in debt

  • Are from a developing country

  • Are female

And you...

  • Need specific actions to take right now

  • Want to eliminate months of research

  • Wonder how you really earn money anywhere in the world

  • Are doubtful you can travel for less money than you spend at home

  • Want specific tactics & tricks to land cheap and free airfares, lodging, and food

  • Need help dealing with people who think you’re crazy for wanting to leave a stable, 9-5 lifestyle behind

You’ll learn why…

  • You shouldn’t be afraid to travel on your own

  • Shouldn’t wait until you save more money before starting your adventure

  • Long-term travel isn’t as big of a risk as you think

If you are open to turning travel into a lifestyle today.

Not ten years from now.

Not in five years.

But right now.

(Or at least after your call with Earl.)

Then this is for you.

Think it’s impossible to live, travel, and work overseas?

Think enjoying never-ending rewarding adventures can be for everyone else, but not you?

Think the exhilaration of deciding to pursue a life of travel is just a dream?

Think again.

Actually, stop thinking and click Buy Now.

In less than two weeks I landed a job on board a major cruise line! I’m headed to Alaska and I’m so excited to begin this journey.

--Santana Mackline

In this 1-hour training on travel mindset, hacks, and strategies, you will:

  • Feel your confidence soar

  • Watch your fears and doubts disappear

  • Stop day-dreaming and wondering and start planning

What will happen if you ignore this opportunity? Maybe you’ll eventually travel. Maybe you won’t. Statistically, you won’t.

But who knows, right?

But why leave it to chance, when you could almost assure you will? In just one hour? For just $39.99?

That’s a CRAZY deal.

One day (hopefully soon), you meet up with Earl in India or Thailand and swap travel stories over beer or coffee. You’ll look back and remember the day you realized, when something inside you clicked… That yes, you can do this. You will make it happen.

And today, right now, is when you take that first step. Click Buy Now. Just $39.99. Only five lucky people get to do this.

P.S. If you do NOT really want to go out and travel, you should NOT get on this call with Earl. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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