Virtual Reality & The Future of Selling Real Estate with Virtutecture CEO Tracy Ford

Imagine being able to walk through a building before it's built.  You could test out the placement of walls or see how spaces work with 10 or 15 people in them with seconds of change.  Imagine seeing things you've never seen: airflow patterns in the space, distance to nearest restroom or kitchen facility, or how people would respond in an emergency.

These fantastical imaginations have become real in the past few years.  Well, virtually real.


In this talk and Q&A, you'll speak with one of the earliest adopters of virtual reality for architectural applications.  You'll see examples of how virtual reality will change real estate marketing, sales, development, infrastructure, emergency planning and more.  He'll show you some of the first ever interactive 3D models of buildings and discuss how it will impact business in the coming years.

This talk is for you if you:

  • Are an architect looking for new ways to experience your creations
  • Are in real estate sales and want to give a cutting edge experience to potential clients
  • Want to learn how you can tailor your sales environment to a variety of people in seconds - and instantly act on customer feedback.
  • Are interested in the early practical applications of VR in Real Estate

About Tracy Ford

An architect by training and career, Tracy took his love for design and partnered it with an interest in Virtual Reality and technology to build Virtutecture.  He is on the vanguard of using technology in both the design and sales side of real estate and architecture. 

This is a one-time event being hosted to benefit charity that will cover the power of VR to change the world of architecture - and many more fields.  

The event is an online webinar taking place on September 20th, at 9pm ET, 6 Pacific.  Get your tickets now - there are only a limited supply available. 

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