Turning Fans and Followers into Fanatics and Friends with Srini Rao

Once upon a time, Srini Rao was a poster child for the typical path. He got an MBA. He looked for a corporate job. Fortunately, he wasn’t very good at being that poster child. 

Soon after graduating, he started BlogcastFM, the famous interview series where he’s now interviewed over 400 entrepreneurs, authors, and bloggers including Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Chris Guillebeau.

But what’s impressive about Srini isn’t just the quality of his interviews. It’s the quality of his fans. He’s built a community of listeners who interact, share and promote his work in extreme ways. How did he build such a loyal fan base?

He calls his technique the Small Army Strategy.


BlogcastFM is an interview series. And that inherently puts the spotlight on the guest, rather than on the interviewer. Clearly, this isn’t the best medium for building a loyal following. Yet, Srini seems to have done the impossible. 

How? It comes down to really giving a damn.

First and foremost, you need to have a vision. The audience comes first: above yourself, or your guests, or anything else. As Srini told me, “You have to have integrity about your art, you have to have standard and be unwilling to compromise on those standards.”

Just as important, you need to be vulnerable. Nobody’s perfect. Srini: “You have to leave your heart out there. When you do that, and I like to think I find a way to do that in every episode, that creates an emotional bond with people.”

The world is getting noisier. The gatekeepers are losing their power. And in a noisy world, the only way to stand out is through a fanatical audience. That’s where the Small Army Strategy comes in. 

It doesn’t take a huge number of people. But it does take a certain caliber of people. That army of devoted, excited people is all you need to make your ideas spread.


Srini has published a book on the Small Army Strategy. He’s done consulting for major companies and small blogs. And now – in a GiveGetWin exclusive – he’s giving 5 buyers the opportunity to join an intimate 5-on-1 Google+ Hangout where you’ll chat about building a small army, creating a powerful and loyal network, and doing the work you love.

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