Want to Start a Business But Too Afraid to Try? This 1-on-1 Mentorship Package will Help You Break Free and Become the Best Entrepreneur You Can Be (with Sarah Selhi, Co-founder @ SpaceIShare)



Ever wondered if business was right for you, but you were just too afraid to try?

Spent hours writing business plans and doing research and talking about the idea, but not ever daring to launch it or make that first sale?

Waiting around for a sign from the universe to tell you, “Yes, please just do it already”?

Sarah Selhi was in your position.

She asked God for a sign for her to quit her corporate job and start her first startup.

Lo and behold, her company announced it was closing down the very next day.

Now, we’re not saying you should wait for your company to close down… (That would be pretty bad for the economy.)

But if you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

Starting a business isn’t easy. Just ask Sarah. 15+ years in media, worked with huge clients like Nat Geo and Warner Bros, held leadership positions in corporations and agencies, even started her own media company. Very niche, very focused.

So how did she go on to found a technology startup focused on home space-sharing, something seemingly unrelated to her field of expertise?

In Sarah’s words,

“The more I thought of it and shared it with friends, the more I felt it was something I had to do.”

Maybe you feel the same way, too.

Maybe you want to go into business, but you’re afraid you don’t have the right skillset, or it’s too different from your current specialization, or the world economy is going to crash (just don’t ask).

But you see… All of these are just excuses. They’re mental chains, holding you back from your true potential.

Do you want to learn how to break free?

Sarah is offering three 1-on-1 entrepreneurship mentorship sessions for you.

She gets it. She was there. She was waiting for that sign.

Now she’s systematically learned to break her limits, change her mindset, and use the skills she’s developed to become the best entrepreneur she can be.

In these 3-part mentorship sessions, you’ll be able to do exactly that, too.

Actionable, practical and tailored to meet you where you’re at, Sarah will work with you 1-on-1 to unlock your entrepreneurship potential and get you started on your business.

Here’s the breakdown of the 3 mentorship sessions:

Session 1 – Entrepreneurship & Mindset:

Are you in the right space for entrepreneurship? Is it really for you?

This is a crucial first step that most entrepreneurs miss out on: Laying the foundation. You need to understand your frame of mind in order to overcome it. Explore the reasons you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Discuss real-life challenges you’ll face on your journey. Dive deep into your passions, your mindset and your work habits so you can get on the track that’s right for you in business.

Session 2 – Vision & Ideas:

Do you have the right idea for you? Do you know how to make it a success?

Work with Sarah to find something that truly gets you excited – it could be a passion of yours, a skill you have, or a problem in society you want to solve. This session will crystallize various business ideas you’d like to explore, while building a plan for validating your hypotheses and making sure you are actually solving a problem that people will gladly pay for.

Session 3 – Customers & Market:

Who are your customers? Who would pay money for your product or service?

Learn how to systematically research your market and gain a deep understanding of your target customer. Sarah will show you the tools, processes and strategies she has personally used to build her own businesses. By the end of the session, you will walk away with a confident plan for starting an real, profitable business.

If reading the above made you go, “That’s totally what I need”, hold your horses.

This session isn’t for everyone.

If you…

  • Have had the same big business idea for the past 5 years,
  • Don’t like receiving advice or feedback from others,
  • Hate having responsibilities and “homework” given to you,
  • Only want to talk about “doing things” but never actually doing them,

You are NOT a good fit for this opportunity. We'll refund you if you click ‘buy’.

BUT, if you’re the opposite of that…

  • Always lived a “normal, simple life” but are seeking for something more,
  • Love learning, improving, and receiving guidance from experts,
  • Organized, hard-working, and get your work done on time,
  • Committed to changing your life and achieving success,

Sarah would love nothing more than to work with you.

This is an exclusive, limited opportunity that Sarah is doing to raise funds for charity.

3 mentorship sessions for $60

100% of that will go to charity.

Sarah usually charges $100 per consultation. $200 for 1-on-1 sessions.

Having her as a personal coach and mentor – for not one, not two, but three 1-on-1 sessions, for $60? It’s completely unheard of.

So no, this isn’t for everybody. In fact, there are only 5 slots available.

5 slots for 5 lucky people. Three 1-on-1 mentorship sessions each.

Once the slots are gone, they’re gone. We won’t open anymore. 


What happens after you click 'BUY'?

You will...

  • Receive payment confirmation (Thanks for contributing to charity!)
  • Get connected to Sarah via private e-mail
  • Coordinate the session times that work best for both of you
  • Prepare your questions, concerns, ideas for Sarah
  • Hop on your calls with Sarah at the designated time
  • Get ready to change your life!

You’ve procrastinated enough. Thought about it too much.

Held yourself back for way too long.

Take a leap of faith, and let Sarah be your guide.

Give $60. Receive infinite value.

She will show you how to change your mindset, discover your strengths, and become the entrepreneur you were born to be. 

Get the mentorship you deserve today.




Sarah is a start-up enthusiast with a love for tech and innovative platforms. Having 15+ years of experience in media with a specialization in sales, marketing and the digital space, it was only a matter of time before Sarah founded her own technology startup, SpaceIShare, which aims to be the world’s biggest platform for home space-sharing.

She started her career as an international sales manager working with broadcasters such as Discovery Networks, National Geographic and BBC. Each year she surpassed her annual targets before the 4th quarter of the year and brought over 25% of new business year-over-year. She then furthered her passion for factual content by founding RainTree Entertainment, where she forged partnerships with some of the world’s largest broadcasters (Warner Bros., Showtime Networks, Nat Geo, Sundance Channel).

During her time at Rogers Media, Sarah managed a $2M budget working with brands as L’Oreal, GM, RBC and Home Depot. In 2010, she received the Ted Rogers Innovation Award for a year-long digital, print and video content L’Oreal campaign. From being the VP of a tech startup to being Head of Sales at Canada’s most beloved digital media company, Sarah has accumulated a wealth of experiences you can learn from.

Here’s what others have to say about working with Sarah...

“I have known Sarah for over 15 years and have collaborated with her on several projects. Sarah is one of those individuals you look forward to working with. She is brilliant - insightful - innovative and always puts the needs of her clients first. The programs that Sarah has created are always on point and deliver not only on client’s digital KPIs but also meet - if not exceed - their business targets. Sarah is one in a million which is clear as soon as you meet her - her professionalism, attention to detail and creativity shine through and are evident in every program she executes.” – Nora Wallace (VP, Big Jabber)

Meet with her NOW. Sarah is at once vivacious, super-productive, sharp and motivated but I quickly came to take this as a given in my dealings with her. That’s the no-brainer - so here’s what you need to know. What will stay with me and drive me to find ways to work with her again and again are the attributes she owns which I find to be sadly disappearing from the workplace in these times. I have seen this woman stand in her own power as the voice of reason in the face of unbridled micromanagement and sub standard corporate strategy. Rare is it to find those committed to the best interests of the company they serve: rarer still to find those willing to remain committed and outspoken though it might prove more precious to their own pocket to merely remain silent. Above and beyond an instant referral for my friends and associates, I will follow her into battle anytime, anywhere.” – David Williams (CEO, Visionstone Media)

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