Thin Ice - Disrupting an Industry with Adam Paulin

This is live one hour class with Adam Paulin on how to disrupt an industry on Saturday August 29th at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) with 8 spots available for $10. 

Adam's products got over 2,700% funded on Indiegogo. 

Do you have a great idea but think the market is already saturated? 

Is there any way to break through?

Yes - it's not easy, but with a good idea and some guidance you can do it.  

This is a class with Adam Paulin who started Thin Ice, a weight-loss clothing line, after graduating college. His Indiegogo campaign got over $400,000 dollars in just 30 days. He has 100% equity in his company but has found great help and partners along the way. How did he do it? 

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He will teach you:

  • How to crowdfund
  • Make your brand stand out 
  • Make your ideas into products
  • Find help without losing your company

Adam got the idea for Thin Ice when reading Tim Ferris's book, 4-hour body. Just think of the ideas you overlook because it seems impossible - it's not.

The weight-loss industry has dozens of big names and plenty of new companies trying to make it each year. Learn how Adam got ahead of the pack despite those odds. 

If you want to make your ideas into successful companies sign up for Adam Paulin's class on August 29th at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT). 100% of proceeds go to charity - tickets are such a low price because of Adam's generosity. 

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