The Science of Willpower With Jason Shen

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Imagine how different life would be if you made every change you wanted to make, quit junk you wanted to quit, and stuck with habits that made your life fantastic.

Most people who try to make changes are flying blind -- so they set a New Year’s Resolution, and how long does that last?

If you’ve had a hard time making changes stick in your own life, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. A 2007 study at the University of Bristol found that 88% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Other studies have found higher numbers.

Why is that?

Well, habit change is hard enough as it is. You’ve been yourself for quite a while, and re-wiring your ways of acting and being can be tough.

What’s worse is that the deck is stacked against you. Tobacco companies, casinos, the fast food industry, the media industry —  scores of  smart people and vast sums of money are invested to direct consumer behavior.

Understanding how to guide your own behavior is essential in a world trying to make you eat more, watch more, spend more. Over the past few decades, researchers have  uncovered a great deal about how we make decisions, how we build habits and how we manage our self-control and willpower.

From smoking cessation to weight loss studies to increasing physical activity - the data is there. But it’s often buried inside dry academic journals, locked behind paywall gates and hidden in confusing charts and tables. Who has the time and patience to really bring this research to light and underscore the real world applications of their findings?


Enter: Jason Shen.

Jason Shen is a modern Renaissance Man living an incredibly high-impact life, and he’s here to graciously share his lessons from a life jam-packed with personal and professional achievement.

Jason is the co-founder of a Y Combinator-funded 2011-startup, Ridejoy. He’s achieved high levels of athletic achievement -- after going through a brutal knee injury and multiple reconstructive surgeries, the next year he led his Stanford Gymnastics team to the NCAA National Championship. After hanging up his grips he took up distance running, racing 5k’s through marathons. In addition, he publishes a  popular blog, the Art of Ass-Kicking, which has been featured in Lifehacker, the San Francisco Chronicle and Vanity Fair.

Along the way, Jason’s experienced all the normal trials and tribulations that would set people back. And while he’s made of stern stuff, it’s not the stern stuff that powers him to achievement and satisfaction -- it’s using his brain well and understanding how to develop routines, good habits, and to deploy willpower effectively.

These are the insights Jason will share with you, based on the 2009 2-unit course he led at Stanford University on "The Psychology of Personal Change." and again in 2013 to 160+ people on

Here’s what people have said about Jason’s material and teaching approach:

“In just two classes I learned more about habits then I had in an entire intro to psychology class at a prestigious university. This guy knows his stuff.”
Lief Friedrichs

“Jason's class, "The Science of Willpower, Habits, and Behavior Change", is absolutely phenomenal. In terms of money spent and time on the class, the ROI has been one of the best for any class I ever took; I think it paid for itself in terms of productivity gains within the first week!”
Andrei Shindyapin


This class is all about creating positive behavior change in ourselves.

Does it have to be so hard to change behavior?

Maybe you’ve experienced it firsthand -- struggling to stop doing things you feel you shouldn’t do... and when finally motivated to do better, the behavior doesn’t stick and it’s sliding back to the old ways.

And when the final breakthroughs come and lasting behavior change is met, it’s often a mystery as to why it came together -- and so, how could you repeat it?

Jason has researched all these topics thoroughly, and draws from the vast research on the topic in addition to a wealth of personal triumphs and setbacks en route to an amazing life.


By signing on with Jason, you’re going to get:

  • A 1 hour, fast-paced live webinar covering the most important ground on willpower change
  • Jason will walk you through the core material for the first 30 minutes
  • Then he’ll have an intimate Q&A session for 30 more minutes, so you can get real examples based on real life people on the webinar with you

The ultimate product of this class will be a a personal behavior change blueprint that you can use to change any behavior in your everyday life.

Jason is making this webinar available up to 10 people for only $20, due to the charitable nature of the project. You’re going to get high-impact high-leverage lessons for your growth and development in an intimate setting with a guy who is living the dream in many areas of life.

Changing our behavior is one of the most important and difficult things we can do... and one of the most valuable. This class will arm you with the tools to make it happen

There are ten slots available. Jason will coordinate the timezones with members of the group, and he’ll work to find the perfect time you’re available - targeting the end of February or first part of March. Reserve your spot today.

Thank you to everyone who bought Jason's deal -- we were surprised by how quickly we sold out. You can check check out Jason at To stay on top of the latest GiveGetWin deals and unique content, check out GiveGetWin on Facebook and join the GiveGetWin Mailing List.

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