Want an Instant Dose of Mindfulness and Relaxation? Refresh with Calmbox, the Kit to a Mindful Life.

An overflowing inbox. A daunting to-do list. Your heart races.

Stress. It happens to the best of us. 

But there are great ways to find some peaceful moments -- 

Let Calmbox take you on an instant zen retreat from the comfort of your own home!

Thanks to the kindness of the Calmbox team, we have June boxes for $22! (full price $35) And 100% of the proceeds go to charity!

Why be Mindful?

Do you feel like life's getting crazier? You're not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, stress is getting worse - each generation is more stressed than the one before, and we’re paying for it with our mental and physical health. With Calmbox, you can take a moment for yourself and unwind. According to Jeena Cho in Forbes, being mindful helps you be less distracted, experience less body dissatisfaction, and overall lessens anxiety. The Mental Health Foundation has seen mindfulness work everywhere - schools, at home, the workplace, you name it. Self care is important. Calmbox is just one piece of the equation - a little something to bring joy to your day

You'll Discover Delightful Items

The team at Calmbox curates these boxes of joy every month. Here, you have the chance to try an individual box! Each box has a new collection of goodies, with anything from music and personal care items to snacks and candles, all carefully chosen so you can get away from the day. Past boxes have included delicious Sencha green tea mints for you to munch on, Grateful Peoples Gratitude Journal for you to increase your sense of well-being, or Yogi Bedtime Tea to end your day blissfully. And occasionally, a beary good friend.

Should you Try One? See What Other People Have to Say.

“Tonight I received my first Calmbox. Perfect timing. It put a smile on my face.-- @chantaalshaw

“My @thecalmbox just arrived so I think a night of relaxation is on the cards!--southernlaw

Calmbox for Charity 

Normally, a Calmbox costs $35 - however, the Calmbox team has kindly donated a few individual boxes for charity, and they're available at a discounted rate - $22. It's time to do good and treat yourself :)

In today’s crazy schedules, practicing mindfulness and taking care of yourself is more important than ever. All sales from these boxes will go to SunSaluter, a nonprofit dedicated to making clean energy and water accessible in developing countries.

After you Buy

**NOTE - we love all of you, but shipping is only available in the USA** 

-You’ll receive a confirmation email.

-We’ll delicately ship your Calmbox on a bed of clouds to the address you provide.

-Take a deep breath and prepare to embark on your mindfulness journey :)

 Find a moment of joy and claim your Calmbox today!




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