Stop struggling with sales by creating instant rapport and speaking your clients' language with Alen Mayer

Think of a prospect you want to turn into a client.

Can you read her mind? Can you position yourself right smack in her thoughts? Do you know which words to use to speak her language?

If you answer no to those questions, then that’s probably why you struggle with sales today.

  • Good news: You’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you.

  • Better news: The answer is not to be pushy or aggressive. In fact, it’s better that you’re not.

  • Best news: You can learn these things and there’s no such thing as “just not meant to sell.”

Why you struggle

If you’re stuck not selling enough, then it’s probably because you’re using outdated and ineffective sales methods from 20, 30, or even 50 years ago.

For example, you probably know the difference between features and benefits. A feature is what your product is and a benefit is how it changes your customer’s life. But selling using benefits is not enough anymore.

Fact is, “Features and benefits don't get it done. You need to talk about values. When you speak values, you talk good stuff. Real stuff.”

So says Alen Mayer, one of 2012’s top sales influencers. But before we talk about him, let’s talk about...

Some other stuff that don’t work anymore

Being loud and obnoxious doesn’t work anymore. Door-to-door salesmen, TV ads, pop-ups… All traditional tactics that “push” a product on you. They used to work when people didn’t know any better. But your prospect is now overwhelmed with all kinds of products and services. Being pushy with yours doesn’t work anymore.

Good for you.

Another one: Most people know “rapport” is important. It is. But few people know what it really is and how to use it to sell. It’s not just small talk and establishing common interests. It’s more than words you say.

In fact, there are two kinds of rapport: verbal and physical. And one is more effective than the other.

Do you move like your client moves? Do you speak like she speaks? Can you match the speed of her voice?

In other words, can you act in a way that makes your client think you’re one of her people? Do your movements make her brain feel, on a deep level, that it’s safe to do business with you? Do the words you use reflect your empathy with her passions and challenges?

You know it’s not just what you say. You need to express it in a way that resonates with your customer. That’s how you build trust, relationships, and credibility on a deeper, psychological, and physiological level. It’s also how you close sales.

Now you can learn how.

Meet the man who makes salespeople

He’s one of 2012’s Top 25 Sales Influencers, as well as the president of the Sales Association Ontario Chapter and the International Association of NLP Sales Professionals. But Alen Mayer does not teach salespeople.

He MAKES them.

Here’s what people have to say about Alen:

“Alen is a gifted sales trainer and writer in addition to being a master of the science and art of selling.

-Jeff Blackwell, Founder,

“Alen Majer is able to help any sales person identify the right prospects to pursue and the strategy that wins the business. Pay attention to Alen! He knows his stuff!”

-Lee Salz,

You do not have to be born with ‘salesman’ in your blood. You do not have to struggle with selling forever. With the right knowledge and training, you can learn how to sell more. And now you can do it while doing good for charity in this 2-hour personal sales training with top NLP sales expert, Alen Mayer.

First, Alen will help you get over your sales issues. Then, he’ll teach you how to instantly bond with your customers. Finally, he’ll show you how to make buying from you a natural and obvious next step.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Get your mind right and stop fearing sales

  • Cure your sales anxiety by reaffirming why you sell (it’s not just for the money, but that’s not so bad too)

  • Learn to prepare for any sales situation, objection, and answers to each

  • Understand how to sell using NLP and other strategies backed by science and battle-tested by reality

  • Secrets of connecting and bonding with your clients instantly

  • How to make “small talk” more effective by leading

  • How to build deep rapport by mirroring

  • Understand physical and verbal rapport and how to use both to sell more

  • Activate your customers’ action cues and trigger words

  • A simple question to ask your client to learn everything you need to sell him

  • How to make your client feel like you understand and empathize with him completely

  • How to discover and use your client's “motivation style” to position you as the answer to her problems

  • How to uncover her deepest needs and desires

  • Discover your prospect’s buying strategy in minutes

  • Persuade her to do whatever you want on both conscious and unconscious levels

People buy from people who are like them. It makes them feel safe and understood. Learn these proven strategies on making your clients think, "Hmmm, this guy is just like me!”

Alen doesn’t believe in learning for learning’s sake.

In this class, you will learn techniques and tools to sell. He’ll teach you how to earn from these strategies immediately after the class.

Too many people needlessly struggle with sales today. And they’re not sure why. They end up doing one of two things: Conclude that selling’s just not for them. They quit. Or they grind harder at doing what’s not working.

Stop being that person.

You can leverage your natural abilities to sell. You can use your prospect’s every word and movement to your advantage. You can convince them “I get you and I’m just like you.” without explicitly saying so.

And without them noticing too!

You’ll learn how to move and speak to make any customer feel safe and comfortable. She’ll want to do business with you. And you’ll be richer and happier for it. Just click the “Buy now!” button and you’ll be taken to a checkout page where it’s easy to enter your credit card details.

Can you really sell and earn more just by listening and observing better? Just by being a more empathic and overall better human? Absolutely. You just need to learn how. Let Alen show you in this online 2-hour training on December 5. Because of the charitable nature of this deal, this is the only personal training with a top sales expert you’ll get for only $24.99. 15 spots only. Just click the “Buy now!” button and we’ll see you on the other side.
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