Stickers. We love them. Do you? Try Pipsticks, a Sticker Subscription!

Crafter? Scrapbooker? Planner? Snailmailer? Stationary Lover? Sticker lover?

You’re in the right place.

Life is better with stickers. They’re the gold stars of real life. Emojis on paper, before everything went digital. There’s a burst of joy you get hunting through a sticker page, carefully peeling off your perfect choice, and planting a sticker home, right where it should be.

Bring a little magic to your life and feed your creative soul with Pipsticks, the subscription pack for stickers!


There’s Birchbox for beauty, Blue Apron for meals, but how about the crafting community? Pipsticks has you covered so you always have a sticker for the perfect touch. Thanks to the generosity of the Pipsticks team, you can get a $25 value giftcard for $15! And all proceeds go to charity - so you can help out the world in style :)

You know the power of stickers. They’re such simple delights, yet bring so much happiness. They can motivate, inspire, entertain - they’re everywhere, for every age!

What are in these bundles of joy?

  • Stickers. Duh. Maureen, founder and resident sticker aficionado, has searched far and wide to find only the best for you!
  • Postcards and paper goods, so you can join the #snailmailrevolution and send the most ~stylish~ mail
  • Stand-out, snazzy packaging, so you’ll be able to spot your Pipsticks pack in a heartbeat.
  • Love for the crafty spirit


I really enjoyed my first Pipsticks Pro Club Petite! You can’t put a price on new sticker joy each month. Can you?” -- Marne

There is definitely a personal feeling with the package and the way it was presented was beautiful.” -kpopkimi

If you love stickers, you NEED Pipsticks. Not only is it FUN to get a little something for yourself in the mail once a month, but to top it off it's STICKERS!” --Taryn

”For me, this subscription is an inexpensive treat that always gives me a much-needed smile! -- Anna Reilly

Stickers in the mail? Yes please! -- Janelle

Indulge Your Inner Sticker Addict

Thanks to the generosity of Maureen at Pipsticks (whose lovely self is featured above), you can get a $25 value giftcard for $15 to buy all the stickers you could possibly imagine - and all the proceeds go to charity! That’s enough to try out both a classic and a petite pack! Or to buy a couple grab bags from the shop :) All sales go to support Sunsaluter, a charity dedicated to bringing clean water and solar power to the developing world.

After You Buy…

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email
  • You’ll receive a $25 value e-giftcard
  • You visit and prepare to have all your childhood dreams fulfilled!
  • You’ll have officially joined the #snailmailrevolution

~Sticker To Your Heart's Content, Friends~


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