STAYING FRESH ON THE MIC- Tips and Tricks for Stand-up comedians working on new material.

It's really great to hit the mics - test your material and bring it in front of new audiences. But what if you're trying to get out of the mics and just trying to kick it up a notch.

Are you looking for tools, techniques and best practices in mic skills? Want to learn ways to freshen your material?

Sunday, July 2nd Join the conversation --- How to turn your unique journey into fresh material.

Leah Bonnema (IFC, VH1) delivers an honest and intelligent view of the world while giving an intimate look into her life experiences growing up in the American melting pot.

Sunday, July 2nd 5 PM EST

For comics, writers, artists looking to break new ground.


Want to have your story stand out?

We'll be having a conversation on how to find your own voice and how to foster compelling confidence. How do you make sure your stories emphasize or support your punch. Stories should match your message... Learn to bring the funny by bringing yourself. 

Whether you're breaking in or busting out...

You get to hear ways you can break away from your routine and get fresh ideas. You will learn ways to grow in your creative efforts in this hour-long conversation.

Perfect for standups looking for some insights on taking new steps, breaking habits and get some pointers on making it in the industry. 

You'll hear anecdotes on how Leah broke into comedy and how she got to work on some great networks like VH1 and IFC.


Join the conversation from the comfort of your own home, local comedy club, dentist office... really, anywhere you can find good WIFI.


Some things you might pick up:

  • How to push forward in difficult times - Sometimes you get knocked down when you don’t even see it coming. Learn to maintain the will to continue in spite of your obstacles.
  • How to get over mental blocks - Learn how to not beat yourself up and internalize your accomplishments helping overcome that imposter syndrome.
  • How to find inspiration - Learn techniques in staying fresh, keeping prepared, and staying playful
  • How to play in front of different crowds - Suburban, City, Drunks, Europeans doesn't really matter - when it comes to your sets you have to adjust to make your punches land

Get tips from one of Huffington Post’s Favorite Female Comedians.

She’s been featured on:


IFC’s Comedy Crib

Above Average

Elite Daily

VProud’s You’re Not Crazy series

Patrice O’Neal’s The Black Philip Show

SiriusXM Radio.

This hour long conversation is perfect for creatives looking to grow ion the mic, break their habits and get some insights on a way to make it in the industry.

Leah has volunteered her time for this conversation on creativity to help raise money for Sunsaluter a non-profit helping those struggling in comedy, acting, or writing.

Leah has performed for the troops in Iraq, was featured on The America Stands Up Showcase’ at The Magner's Glasgow Comedy Fest and had a show in the NY Comedy Festival.

The NY Times said Leah is “one of the city’s most consistently excellent young comics” and The Scotsman called her “A force of nature.”


Sunday, July 2nd 5 PM EST


with Leah Bonnema

For comics, writers, artists looking to break new ground.

$15 --- 100% of the proceeds benefiting Sunsaluter.

*Once ticket has been purchased instructions to join the convo will follow promptly.


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