Slicing Pie: Funding Your Company Without Funds - A Webinar with Investor and Entrepreneur Mike Moyer

Are you starting a company and wondering how you are going to fund it without cash? Do you have questions on how to split the equity in your company? 

This is a one hour live webinar with Mike Moyer, an award winning entrepreneur, speaker, author, and professor. Mike will talk about his formula to split equity, which can also be found in his book, Slicing Pie.

In Slicing Pie, Mike explains how you are able to fund your startup even if you're strapped for cash. Critical skills from his book include:

  • Calculating a theoretical value of your company
  • Assigning value to the various inputs to your business
  • What to do when a founder leaves your company
  • How to handle equity when you have to fire someone


About Mike Moyer:

    • Mike has started multiple successful ventures, including, Lake Shark Ventures, Vicarious Communication, and others!
    • Mike teaches entrepreneurship at University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    • He has published 8 books, including Slicing Pie, How to Make Colleges Want You, Pitch Ninja, and more
    • Mike has been praised by leading reviewers, including TechCrunch, WSJ, INC., Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg Businessweek. 
    • Has a MS in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University and an MBA from University of Chicago

Who Should Buy This:

    • This is for you if you're already working on a startup or launching one immediately, and want to learn more about getting financing
    • This is for you if you're wondering how to split equity among founders

Once you buy:

  • You'll get a confirmation email
  • On the date of the webinar, September 16 at 3PM CT, an invitation will be sent to you to join the video conference
  • You can prepare questions for the Q&A session after his presentation
  • 100% of proceeds go to charity



This one hour session will begin at 3PM CT on September 16th.  There are 20 spots available and will include a Q&A after the presentation.