See the World Without Spending a Fortune, Plan Your Next Adventure, and Become a Budget Travel Expert with "Triple Your Travel"—50% Off For a Limited Time

Tell me if this sounds familiar... 

You want to travel the world, but you don't have the money.

You envy your friends' Facebook photos of sunsets and live vicariously through their updates.

You've traveled to 87 different countries on Instagram, but in reality you've never left your own.

And it all comes down to one assumption—"travel is expensive."

It can be, if you want to take a $4,000 cruise or stay in $200 hotel rooms.

But budget travel is possible, and right now it's more accessible and affordable than ever before. If you're willing to live without the luxuries of an all-inclusive resort, you can see the world for just $25 a day.

Why didn't you know about this before? Because budget travel is not advertised. There’s no money in it. Tour companies, travel agents and magazines have little interest in advertising $5 rooms in private guesthouses.They want you to buy that $4,000 cruise and splurge for $200 hotel rooms with jacuzzis in every room.

If you want to see the world without spending a fortune, you need to do a bit of digging—and travel blogger/world traveller Brendan Lee from has done that digging for you.

Since quitting his job five years ago, Bren has been on a non-stop journey that has taken him to every continent.

He's lived on beautiful beaches in the Philippines, wandered the alleys of Istanbul, danced salsa in Quito, explored the African wilderness, got lost in the madness of New York City—and he did it all on a budget of $25 a day. Now, he wants to show you how to do the same. 

In his eBook 'Triple Your Travel', Bren will show you the exact secrets he's used to travel the world while spending less money than he did back home in New Zealand.




-- Four basic principles that will triple your travel instantly

-- How to find the cheapest flights available to anywhere, at any time

-- A real plan to reach your savings goals so you can finally afford to take your dream trip

-- How to find cheap, safe, and delicious food on the road

-- How to find comfortable accommodation on any budget, ensuring you save money and sleep easy anywhere in the world

-- A sample itinerary, breaking down all costs for accommodation, entertainment, phone and internet access, food and transport, showing you how to enjoy one of the world’s great capitals for as little as $13 a day.

-- A curated selection of over 130 vetted tools and travel resources

-- And so much more...



-- Visited every continent

-- Walked with gorillas in Uganda

-- Studied Spanish in Peru

-- Fought at a martial arts camp in the Phillipines

-- Salsa danced in Ecuador

-- Learned to surf in New Zealand

-- Brought water to a rural village in Ethiopia



"Just brilliant. This guide is full of practical pointers for the would be traveler. Brendan's section on how to find cheap flights is worth the price alone. Whether you're a long term global wanderer or short term holidaymaker you don't want to go past this resource." -- Tony A

"I was ecstatic to see that most of the content was not only fresh, but so cleverly and concisely organized. I was completely hooked from the first chapter... Brendan spoke as if he were a best friend, grabbing my shoulders while looking into my eyes convincing me that "you CAN do this!" It was exactly what I needed to take the leap and book that flight. Particularly useful were the sections regarding visas, banking/money exchanging and hammering into my head the mindset of a frugal and smart traveller- that I can travel for much longer by choosing the right destinations and using his tips for living like a local. I can't thank him enough for all his work and the experience he has passed on." -- Erika P.

"Triple Your Travel was really eye-opening and worth every penny. It encompasses every aspect of travel planning, and details a lot of things that most travel blogs gloss over. The chapter on finding cheap flights had a lot of cool tips and hacks that I've never seen before and the section on the different travel seasons was so helpful. Personally I liked the sample itinerary on Thailand the most - it's the most concrete "how to" section and showed the cost of everything which was really useful. It's the perfect guide to go back and forth to when you're dead set on making your adventure happen." -- Raleigh L.



'Triple Your Travel' usually sells for $19 on Bren's website, but for a limited time you can get it for 50% off for only $9.49. 

There are only 10 copies available at this price.

This is is an incredible deal, and it's only possible because Bren is very generously donating the sales to charity. 100% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to SunSaluter, an organization that provides solar panels to increase energy and clean water accessibility to communities in developing countries.



For just $9.49—100% of which will be donated to charity—you can learn from a master traveler on how to see the world at any budget right now. 

There is an incredible, mind-blowing world out there, more fascinating than you could have ever imagined.



-- You'll get an instant download of the 165-guide 'Triple Your Travel' delivered straight to your inbox

-- Start planning your next adventure 

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