"Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver: Bitcoin, Markets, The Future of Commerce & Government

On August 11th, 2012 Roger Ver made a public bet on Bitcoin that a $10,000 initial investment would outperform the S&P 500 by more than 100x over the next two years.  If he was wrong he'd donate the initial value of $10,000 in Bitcoin to charity.  Two years later he lost that bet and prepared to send that money to charity - two months after that he would have been right.  That initial $10,000 had turned into over $1,000,000 - to this day it's still the largest donation in Bitcoin history.

Bitcoin is the first of many online cryptocurrencies and the herald of a new age of distributed commerce and computing.  The value outstanding of all Bitcoins is nearly $10,000,000 and it has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years.  

Will Bitcoin be the cryptocurrency of the future?

Will another come to take its place?

What are the implications for international and local commerce, banking and investing of the rise of cryptocurrencies?

You'll get the answers to these questions and many more from one of the world's foremost Bitcoin experts.  Roger has been featured at dozens of conferences, in documentaries and has blogged and written news stories about the impact of cryptocurrencies and is one of largest holders of Bitcoin in the world.  

This is for you if:

  • You know a little bit about Bitcoin but want to learn about its history and community
  • You're excited about the future of investment and want to know about important alternative assets
  • The future of government and international commerce is important to you

About Roger

Roger Ver has been a long time proponent of voluntaryism, the idea that all human interactions should be by mutual consent, or not at all. He doesn't make exceptions for people wearing uniforms and working in buildings with flags in front. He is most well know for his work promoting Bitcoin. In 2011, his company, Memorydealers.com, became the first mainstream company to start accepting bitcoin as payment. He then went on to create BitcoinStore.com, the first website in the world to accept bitcoin as payment for hundreds of thousands of items, and was the impetus for the future wave of merchant adoption. He also became the first person in the entire world to start investing in Bitcoin startups. Nearly singlehandedly, he funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses.

Roger has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote Bitcoin around the world and defend the philosophy of Voluntaryism.

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