Rock Your Travel: Learn "Travel-Hacking" With Algis Tamosaitis

What's your excuse for not traveling more often?

Let's take a guess --

Time... or money.

Well, Algis Tamosaitis isn't here to help you find more free time, but he can help you travel in style extremely inexpensively. The author of "Rock Your Travel" can walk you through the process of getting mileage earning credit cards, enrolling in programs at no cost that earn you free frequent flyer miles, putting together itineraries, understanding alliances, and all the in's and out's of travel hacking -- so you can get free flights and hotel rooms.

Algis has used these travel hacks to get him and his daughter first-class to Europe... basically for free. His latest adventure? Los Angeles to Tokyo in business class... normally $5000 each... he paid $142. (Oh, and that's round trip.)

When you get this deal, you're going to get two things:

1. You'll get a copy of Algis's book, "Rock Your Travel." From the top review on Amazon:

Five stars. Title: "Finally, I won't have to coach my friends about frequent flyer tricks!"

"I've considered myself mileage geek, having subscribed to a $200/year newsletter on the same topic, and having taken several overseas trips each year for the past 5 years, never in coach, or paying for a ticket. I spend lots of time telling friends how to do all this, and now I can simply refer them to this excellent book. This book captures the same information as $500 worth of newsletters, in a clear and concise format that won't waste your time. When reading, I sometimes anticipated that there was going to be an important secret that the author omitted. I was invariably wrong, because all the secrets are here. ...
This book is worth every penny."

2. You'll be part of a 90-minute group discussion where you learn to hack/optimize your own travel with Algis. 

Algis is cool, charismatic, very knowledgeable, and with a very relaxed and welcoming Southern California surfer-type vibe. You're going to enjoy learning from him. The time will be set after inquiring about your preferences and taking them into account to make sure you can make it, most likely West Coast USA time on an evening or weekend.

Algis will help walk you through any fundamental information you want to cover, and he also knows lots of advanced tricks to really maximize your gains. You're going to enjoy the group session with him and getting all your questions answered, as well as connecting with some other travelers.

Due to the charitable nature of the project, the cost for Algis's book and being part of that hands-on conversation is only $29. The value is potentially immense.

A brief note for our international friends: This deal is a bit USA-centric. You're welcome to purchase from anywhere globally and Algis will look to accommodate you, but Algis has mastered the American travel-hacking style and you'll get far more applicability if you're an American citizen or permanent resident... some points are universal, so you're welcome to join in if you're elsewhere on the globe, just be aware!

There's seven spots available, you'll get a copy of the book digitally, and you'll be surveyed to find a good time that works for you to work hands-on with Algis. Grab yours today and rock your travel.

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