Private 1-on-1 Skype Guitar Lessons with Paul Roth

Are you a beginner or intermediate guitar player? Have you ever gotten guitar training 1-on-1 on Skype? Paul Roth, a professional musician and expert guitarist, is ready to take your guitar skills to the next level.

The lessons are 100% one-on-one: this will be customized to exactly what you want to learn, hands-on, and is extremely convenient, fun, and a great way to become the guitar player you've always wanted to be.

About Paul:

-- Top Skype guitar instructor

-- Professional musician and guitar tutor, has spent 16+ years mastering the guitar

-- Bachelor's degree in Music (Performance)

-- Very patient and encouraging



-- 1-on-1 40 minute guitar lessons

-- You determine the pace

-- You choose what to learn: specific songs, chords, music theory, songwriting skills

-- Paul can suggest songs or you can bring your own 



-- Probably not best for 100% beginners

-- You need your own guitar, obviously

-- Don't need fancy high tech, but do need a solid internet connection

-- You can schedule in Hong Kong time (UTC +8) -- Paul is based in Hong Kong

-- You’re serious about taking your guitar skills to the next level


-- Learn from the comfort of your own home

-- Convenient

-- Easy to prep

-- Optionally, easy to record yourself

-- Instant feedback


I have been having lessons from Paul since late April 2016 until present and couldn't be happier with the lessons. Having a few obstacles like distance, being in Japan for work, has not been an issue, having lessons over Skype.

Also, being a girl, it can be difficult learning guitar with a male teacher, but with Paul, I feel totally comfortable and I don't even think about it actually.

Learning to master an instrument is a deep process but with Paul, it is done in a light and easy way. I am definitely going to continue to have lessons with Paul and would  recommend it to anyone who has ever thought of playing guitar, all the way to seasoned pros, who are looking to hone their skills. -- Natalie D.

I find Paul to be a very intuitive teacher. It's easy to find someone with knowledge of how to play the guitar but it is rare to find someone as adept at facilitating your learning as Paul. Paul is skilled at quickly finding your areas to improve as a guitarist and provides different methods to help his student understand the goal and how to get there. All the while being a patient and caring teacher who clearly is invested in his students development and progress to be a great guitarist. Pauls knowledge is vast...but he is able to impart that knowledge on his students without trying to "impress" them with that knowledge....a rarity among guitar teachers. -- Tracy R.



The price is only $24.95 -- this is really good price, and it's only available because 100% of proceeds go to charity. There are only 5 lessons available at this price, and this is only available because Paul is very generously doing this for charity.


For $24.95—100% of which will be donated to charity—you get to learn from a top guitar instructor from the comfort of your own home.

-- You can benefit from learning guitar from a master, Paul has 16+ years of guitar experience

-- You can work on songs, chords, or develop your music theory

-- You can bring the songs you're working on or Paul will make suggestions

-- Skype lessons are convenient and fun

-- Paul is a great guy, really patient, will really ensure you learn and enjoy yourself


After you buy,

-- Paul will get in touch with you to schedule your lesson

-- You'll suggest times that work for you

-- 100% of proceeds to charity

-- You're going to really dig it

If you want to learn guitar with Paul, there's only 5 spots available -- buy now and you'll be in touch with Paul right away to shred, to make that guitar cry, and become the amazing guitar player you’ve always wanted to be.

$24.95 $40.00