Practical Action-Oriented Contentment With Leo Babauta

By being achievement-oriented, you can accomplish a tremendous amount, reach goals, and work to make your life more enjoyable and to help make the world into a better place. 

But why, then, are so many high-achievers miserable despite all those achievements? This is where Leo Babauta comes in. He explains,

"If you start in this place of fixing what's wrong with you, you keep looking for what else is wrong with you, what else you need to improve. If you make great changes and lose weight, you feel good for a while, but then you might feel like you don't have enough muscles, or six pack abs, or you think your calves don't look good. Or if it's not about your body, you'll find something else. 

So it's this never-ending cycle for your entire life. You never reach it. If you start with a place of wanting to improve yourself and feeling stuck, even if you're constantly successful and improving, you're always looking for happiness from external sources. You don't find the happiness from within, so you look to other things. 

Say productivity is your thing -- you make great changes, you're productive, but then for whatever reason, the thing you've been successful at stops. It could be a job loss, it could be you got ill, maybe you had to travel, or there's some kind of disruption in your routine. It could be other people getting sick, or a life crisis. When the external thing that makes you happy and fulfilled is no longer there, you feel like crap, and that'll always be true if you look for happiness is externally."

Starting in 2005, Leo went on a journey of habit change and life improvement, where he quit smoking, eliminated all his debt, tripled his income, become a runner and started running marathons, turned to a more healthy diet and life, as well as improving his relationships and family life. He blog,, became a place of inspiration for over a million people monthly and was named one of Time Magazine's Top 25 blogs in the world. 

After focusing on productivity and goal-setting heavily for the first few years of his blog, Leo moved to a "No Goals" mantra of living in sync with his life's principles and living by a mix of internal contentment and happiness combined with compassion for others and a desire to help make their lives better. 

Today on GiveGetWin, Leo is offering spots for a group class on "Practical Action-Oriented Contentment." As he says, 

"I think the question a lot of people have is, "If you find contentment, won't you just lay around on the beach, not improving the world, not doing anything?"

But I think that's a misunderstanding of what contentment is.  You can be content and lay around, but you can also be content and want to help others. You can be content and also compassionate to others, and want to help them. You can be happy with who you are, but at the same time want to help other people and ease their suffering. And that way, you can offer yourself to the world and do great works in the world, but not necessarily need that to be happy."

Leo has reached a measure of personal contentment and internally-driven happiness, but he's also quite moved to be a great father, to lead a life full of rich experiences, to help people, to build his family, and to a life full of principle and full of interesting people, experiences, and achievements. Whereas a truly content person doesn't need achievement to be happy, that doesn't mean lying around on the beach all day -- it's absolutely possible to work towards improving yourself and the world around you each and every day. 

Leo's class will be for 10 people, and it will be an intimate group. He'll share his learnings on "practical contentment" -- being able to reach an internally driven place of happiness, he'll share his thoughts on building trust with yourself, and on letting go of idealized images that aren't based in reality. 

Leo will lead a short meditation and share how to get some distance between your impulses and your actions, and there will be plenty of time for you to share a little bit about what you're working on and your questions for him, so you can get some great personal feedback and the whole group can learn lessons from each other. 

Leo is making 10 spots available through GiveGetWin. The price will be $40, with all the proceeds to charity. Thank you for joining in, and here's wishing you much contentment and excellent action-taking in making the world a better place at the same time.
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