Personal Training In How To Build Products That People Actually Want

This is two groups classes and a one-on-one session with Zac Cohn, partner at the innovation consulting company LIFFFT. He will teach you how to use tools and techniques to make sure people actually want the products you're building.

Zac Cohn explains:

"We want to be smart, we want people to think we're smart, and the 'generally understood consensus' is that smart people have smart ideas.

So you think of an idea, and you think it's great, and you want to keep thinking it's great. A lot of times, people get caught up in that and start ignoring information that contradicts their ideas -- because that would imply they're not great and not smart.

But what you'll find if you get to know a lot of smart people is that they have a ton of ideas, but actually most of them are garbage. Only a few are good, and those are the ones you hear about."

He comes from an interesting background. Zac started as a shy kid, and learned a general skepticism of the status quo through a feedback loop of questioning what's normal -- and getting rewarded for doing so.

He's learned how to find people want through three very different modes --

*In training in "parkour," the art of free running, jumping, and clearing obstacles,
*In his role at Startup Weekend, a nonprofit that helps teach people the new model of rapidly prototyping and building businesses,
*And at LIFFFT, the consulting company he was invited to join as a partner.

In the parkour world, it was all about learning how to jump off huge drops, clear objects and obstacles, and learn new and exciting moves -- without getting injured or killing yourself. 

At Startup Weekend, it was all about helping people rapidly prototype ideas and build minimum viable products validated by actual customer demand.

At LIFFFT, it's about working with companies to improve their innovation -- which they've done to great acclaim at companies like Nordstroms and Microsoft.

Zac lays out seven rules he's learned for building products people want --

1. Don't build just what you want to build; build what people want.

2. Pull your ideas out of people, don't push your ideas on to them. 

3. Just ship it.

4. Do or do not; there is no try. 

5. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

6. Ideal self isn't real; actual self is real.

7. Ask Why. Repeatedly. 

You're going to get a mix of "applied common sense" -- and a variety of tools and techniques that save a lot of time and rapidly accelerate your product-building and demand-generating.

Consider this,

Zac: "If you want to figure out what someone is going to do in the future -- what products they'll buy, whether they'll go to the gym, what food they'll eat -- then look at what they did in the past. If someone says, 'I'm going to the gym 3 times per week forever' and you ask them, 'How many times did you go to the gym last month?' and the answer is zero, then they probably won't go to the gym 3 times per week forever."

Zac goes on to explain the difference between "ideal self" and "actual self" -- if you ask someone about their future behavior, they'll describe to you what they think they would do based on the best version they can imagine of themselves:

"If you ask someone about their future behavior, they give you their ideal self. If you ask for past behavior, you get their real self. One of these is useful because it's all true; the other is useless because it's all lies."

Zac is pragmatic, bold, and tells-it-how-it-is.

He's also immensely helpful.

This deal, with all of the proceeds going to charity, will feature three components:

1. A one hour group class where you can meet the other entrepreneurs, interact with Zac, and get some basic exercises to do to start testing your business ideas and assumptions rapidly.

2. You'll then have a follow-up 1-on-1 30 minute session with Zac to go over your specific questions and findings, and give you more ability to get out there getting powerful insights.

3. Finally, there will be another group session where everyone shares what they learned.

You're going to come out of here with new tools, tactics, techniques -- and as a better entrepreneur, product developer, and assessor of market demand and potential. And hopefully -- with some great new like-minded friends.

This deal is priced at $35, and there are seven spots available. Zac will schedule the group sessions to look to accommodate those who sign up. It will be during daytime in North America, but beyond that is flexible to meet your needs. The 1-on-1 component will also be set based on your schedule. 


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