"Outstander" Guide by Mars Dorian

It’s tough out there in the digital world. Thousands over thousands of new, hungry people are entering the online arena everyday.

And all of them fight ferociously for attention.

Needless to say, competition is INSANE, and since you are online, you HAVE TO COMPETE AGAINST THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ! If you don’t know how to stand out, you will vanish into oblivion.

...and that's where Mars Dorian comes in.

“Mars is a true original and understands branding better than almost any marketer or blogger I’ve worked with.” Corbett Barr | CEO of ThinkTraffic.net

Mars Dorian is a highly-internationalized German designer, illustrator, storyteller, and marketer -- whose goal is to help you stand out. 

The advantages of standing out?

*Better business prospects
*Get out of obscurity
*Be remarkable and get free marketing because of it
*Delight your customers
*Enjoy yourself in the process
*Break free of mediocrity
*Do things you're really proud of, making things worthy of being used

Mars helps entrepreneurs create great value for your business or professional services through better marketing and branding.

He's graciously given 100 copies of his "Outstander" guide to GiveGetWin, which we've made available to you at a massively discounted rate due to being charitable. This is a rare opportunity to get Mars' visual branding and marketing guide at 1/3rd the going rate.

You can preview the work here --

The guide covers:

*Breaking out of obscurity
*Differentiating your online presence
*Getting higher traffic and more sales
*Becoming more memorable
*Defining your own world and inviting your customers and clients into that world -- you get to set the rules and set up the experience you want to set up
*Building a "swipe file" to fuel create endeavors
*Positioning and specializing
*Creating stories
*Why Context Matters More Than Content
*Naming -- naming your business, website, products, and services
*How to make your names "visual"
*Getting recall value
*Visual consistency
*Walt Disney's "Plussing" strategy to keep standards incredibly high
*Psychographics vs. Demographics
*Connecting with clients and allies
*True fans
*Building alliances
*Taking massive action

Mars' Motto for life is --

"When you’re not trying to fit in, you’re free to stand out."

His guide is edgy. Is it for everyone? No. Check out the preview and see if it jibes with your style.

Mars writes openly, honestly, unfiltered, aggressive, young, powerful, enchanting, rough, raw, and more all at the same time. There's tons of insights, without political correctness. It's all right to the point.

The "Outstander" guide normally retails for $44. Through GiveGetWin, due to the charitable nature of the project, you can get a copy for only $14.95.

This represents a huge value, and we're grateful to Mars for doing it. All proceeds go to charity.

There's 100 copies available, so grab yours now and get your journey into the visual-branded storytelling and STANDING OUT underway today.

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