Market Your Company Smart - How Misha Leybovich Made It

Next Sunday, August 30th, Misha Leybovich will be teaching how to market your product - smart.

This is a live one hour class with 8 spots available: it will be intimate and personalized. The price is $15, and 100% of proceeds will go to charity.

Do you have a cool idea, but don't have a background in entrepreneurship? Do you want to get the word out, but don't know how? 

Misha Leybovich didn't start off an entrepreneur - he was busy setting off rockets at MIT. Now, he's the CEO of Meograph who's latest product - Trio - has gone viral.  

How'd he start a company and get his product in front of tons of people? Well, that's what he's going to work with you on: how to start a company without a business background, find Cofounders and market your products in the right way to the right audience. 

This is perfect for someone who's starting their own business or unsure how to market their product effectively. 

Misha will teach you how to:

  • Make your ideas into products
  • Find the right audience and platform for them to take off
  • Find other people interested in helping you

This class is next Sunday (August 30th) at 2pm PDT (5pm EDT) for $15. There are only 8 spots so don't miss out!

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