Make Quality Content, Build Community, and Make Money From Your Art -- With Lee Schneider

Four questions for you --

Are you an artist, creator, or entrepreneur?

Do you want to make higher quality works?

Do you want to build a thriving audience?

Do you want to earn a living from your art?

If yes, this is a fantastic opportunity to connect with a veteran of media production.

Lee Schneider is a master of the creative business. In a world with neophyte experience, Lee's experience goes deep.

His father was a television producer in the so-called "golden days" days of TV when just a few big networks controlled the entire media experience. Lee saw and learned firsthand how mass appeal was built, and the tricks of those trades.

He broke into media as a newspaper and writing for TV shows like Good Morning America.

He elevated his skills constantly, developed a consummate professionalism, and eventually founded his own company producing feature-length documentaries for The Learning Channel, History Channel, and A&E. Now, he's achieving success both in the mainstream print and video world simultaneously with a thriving online presence using the newest channels.

Lee has many important concepts to share with you, like the key of having a "signature moment" in your work --

I was doing a documentary about blowing things up. Literally. Demolition.

We hired the rock guy, Alice Cooper, to be the narrator and host. And we realized, how could we not have Alice Cooper break a guitar in his appearance?

That was like a viewer need. If we didn't smash a guitar, we'd be making a mistake. So we got a guitar, he smashed it for the ending of the piece, and it was used in all the promos. It became the signature image.

(As a side note, he knew so much about the physics of smashing a guitar. He placed the camera, explained where each of the pieces would fly when it broke… I've never met anyone so educated about smashing a guitar.)

Every piece needs a signature moment. If it's a visual piece, you need a visual. In a written piece, there might be a few of them. You need to deliver that signature moment to the reader, listener, or viewer, or you haven't succeeded.

In tune with the launch of his Digital Fundraising School, Lee is coming to run a 90-minute session covering the following --

*Creating great content: meaning, understanding the audience's need, mastering your craft, getting the right people to work with, setting a production schedule you can handle (and being nice to yourself simultaneously with doing the work), and a host of specific tactics and actionable points to make your work a big success

*Building a thriving audience: tapping into existing communities, networking and connecting with them, no budget? no problem, using all the free tools that are available, and measuring how well you've connected with old and new fans

*Monetizing: the requirements in craft and connections to monetize, constantly building social capital and credibility, and turning that into mainstream and personal work to make a living from your art

Lee is going to bring you a 90-minute session, with a focused presentation and plenty of time for questions -- and the ability to interact with creators. There will be 30 slots available, and you'll be given time to ask your questions and get the answers you want to keep building your creative success. You're going to learn fantastic tactics, hear mind-blowing stories and anecdotes, and have a heck of a good time.

If you're doing creative work, grab this GiveGetWin deal ASAP. The proceeds go to charity, and due to the charitable nature of it, you're going to get a seasoned professional's guidance on the key aspects of business. You're going to have an opportunity to connect with new friends, get things you can put into use today to build your audience and produce more, and you're going to have fun in the process.

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