Make a Living From the Internet: How to Start Running a Profitable Lifestyle Business with Miguel Hernandez

This is a LIVE one hour class with top animation studio owner Miguel Hernández on How to Make a Living From the Internet held on Thursday September 24th at 9AM Pacific (12AM Eastern) with 20 spots available.

Learn from his experience running a successful online business and making a living exclusively from the Internet for the last 6 years. He'll teach you some of the fundamentals of managing a profitable online business.


Are you tired of your current work situation? 

Is there any way that can provide you freedom?

Yes, it’s not gonna be easy but if you do it well, you’re gonna have a business. Take advantage of the internet and make a living on your own.

This is a class with Miguel Hernández who started Grumo Media on 2010, an online animation studio with hundreds of clients world-wide, including Microsoft, Walmart and Ashton Kutcher. He has also over 15.000 students in his online courses at Udemy and his own online school ( His business generates over $500,000 per year in revenue and $200,000 of profit, but he remains humble, grounded, and very helpful and warm.

His class is for anyone who wants to start an online lifestyle business. A business that can support your lifestyle. A business that can generate at least $75.000/year, the amount to have a reasonably comfortable life in North America. This will work well for freelancers who want a business or people starting their own company and who are in the early stages.

You have to be entrepreneurial and committed. You have to be ready to work but you’ll have something you own 100%. 

If you are that, then you can learn actions from Miguel to make your success happen faster, smooth, and happier while delighting your customers at the same time.

If you have ever felt that it's never the right moment, that making money online is too complicated, or that you don´t have enough time -- Miguel will help you get over that.

You’re invited to join this class and let Miguel take the best of what he knows, help you get started with that business, give you the support you need and help you stop putting that dream off until tomorrow. 

Miguel is running now his profitable online business and he’s gonna teach you all the insights you need to get started. What he did and what he learnt from his own experience, reading tons of material and asking other successful online business owners about it.

As he says: “Not only I show the standard ways of doing things, I compare it with what I’ve done myself, I come up with Grumo model canvas so then you can compare, I’m talking not just theory, I’ve done this and it works, a business that generates more than $100K/year, so there could be something to learn from there.”

In an hour with Miguel, you’ll learn:

    • The basics that must be mastered in business to succeed
    • Getting very specific on who your customers are
    • Learning how best to deliver to those customers and help them
    • Getting the first customers through bold action
    • Learning techniques to get started
    • Learning how to keep numbers, get testimonials, build your mailing list, and document your systems very early -- so the business gets easier to run over time!

There is a lot of information (and disinformation) on the Internet about this but Miguel collected the best, besides he is sharing what really works from his experience with a very specific and unique behind the scenes approach.

Of course, you could do it on your own. It took him more than 9 years of tinkering online before he could quit his job and live 100% of his Internet income. But he documented all the process, collecting the best strategies, and you can have direct access to him in this exclusive hour class where you’ll be able to ask him your questions.

He can help you make your path faster to your online business success by showing you step by step, until the last detail, what do you need to do to start generating income online.

You'll learn about what he learnt on how to start with your ideal business in this exclusive small class to get you over your excuses and move closer to your goal of generating the lifestyle you want beyond the 9-5 corporate jobs.

If you want to start building your dreams faster, please join Miguel Hernández on September 24th at 9AM Pacific (12AM Eastern). There are just 20 spots available. 100% of proceeds go to charity -- the price is $15 which is a very good price for someone with these skills and experience, and is only available because Miguel is being very generous with his time here.

See you in the webinar!

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