Letterer? Calligrapher? Try The Inky Box - Lettering Goodies for the Creative Soul

A wash of ink. A confident downstroke, smooth and bold. The most delicate upstroke, tapering to a point.

There’s something just so wonderful about putting ink to blank canvas - marker to paper, brush to canvas, nib to cardstock. It feels amazing to create beautiful things.

Sarah, from the Inky Hand, knows this. So she created The Inky Box, the subscription box for letterers!

There’s an ocean of tools to choose from - Tombow or Pentel? Italic or flex nibs? Bottled inks or cartridges? It’s difficult to know where to even start! With InkyBox, you can skip the indecision and try a new set of carefully chosen goodies every month!

Right now, you can pre-order the August box for $29.95 - that’s 25% off!

What Joys are Packed Inside?

At The Inky Box, Sarah carefully picks out top-quality items every month - you’ll get to try items from brands like Faber-Castell, Ecoline, Moleskine, Dr. Ph Martin, and many more! You’ll also find a print from talented artists in the community that are #letteringoals

Should you Try One? See What the Community Says

It contains everything a lettering fanatic wants to experience - pens galore, specialized paper, prints from some of your favorite lettering artists, watercolor goodies, etc. Who knows what the next box will include! So basically, this box is the bee's knees. The cat's pajamas. The monkey's eyebrows. The banana's hammock. I could keep going." - Peggy Dean, The Pigeon Letters

As a new letterer, I've loved trying out new tools I haven't used before, and being able to benefit from Sarah's experience because she only includes things she really likes.” -- Alisiah

“It's like Christmas every month when I get this box :)” --Cristina


Normally, The Inky Box will cost $39.95. However, thanks to the generosity of Sarah, lefty-lettering extraordinaire who runs the blog The Inky Hand, you can try an August Inky Box for $25% off and all proceeds go to charity! You’ll be supporting Sunsaluter, a charity dedicated to making clean water and solar power more accessible in the developing world.

After you Buy...

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email
  • Your August box will be shipped to you at the address you provide! In August, of course. 
  • Letter your heart to the fullest :)


$29.95 $39.95