Learn How to Ace a Technical Job Search with Stepan Parunashvili

Today, August 28th, Stepan Parunashvili will be teaching how to score your dream job if you're a programmer. 

This is a live one hour class with 5 spots available: it will be intimate and personalized. The price is $20, and 100% of proceeds will go to charity.

Stepan Parunashvili doesn't have a classical computer science background -- actually, he didn't go to university at all... and now he's one of the youngest programmers at Facebook.

How'd he get there? Well, that's what he's going to work hands-on with you on: how to have a great Github profile, work in open source, and have the right kind of hustle and attitude to get you hired.

He also relentlessly studied and fixed gaps in his skill-set, and launched projects to show he did.

This type of self-improvement is straightforward and easier than ever -- and it gets you into the type of job you really want: somewhere making a difference, doing interesting work, at high compensation, with good people.

This is perfect for self-taught developers who are looking to fill the gaps in their skill-set and get better job offers -- and a good fit for anyone willing to do the work to get where they want to be. 

Stepan will teach you how to round out your skillset, present your qualifications in a desirable way and market yourself so you can achieve to the highest of your abilities.


Before moving to San Francisco, Stepan was confident he could get a job. However, after having multiple programming interviews, he realized he needed to round out his skill-set to be a better job candidate. 

Learn his approach to getting top job offers.

In his own words -

He said, “Arnold Schwarzengger said this: ‘A bodybuilder doesn’t just look at his body; he sculpts it.’

“You can look at your career the same way. You don’t just succeed or fail in a job interview, you look at the questions they’re asking and sculpt yourself a job candidate.

“Treat it as a golden opportunity. I would pay real money to experience that over and over again. It’s so valuable to know viscerally what you’re bad at so you can get better.”

“When I arrived in San Francisco, at the initial start, I felt like I was getting pretty good, but that I had gaps that I wasn’t fully aware of – and felt like I didn’t need to learn or didn’t want to learn some things.

“If you come into a room and it’s dirty, and say, ‘Why is this room dirty?!’ and get upset… that’s the wrong interaction. Instead, just clean the room.”

Do you feel like people only see your negative side? Like they don’t give you enough credit for the work you’ve done?

Learn how to market yourself in a positive light.

He said, “I started looking at myself. If you looked at me, there’s two ways to look at me – either negative or positive, depending on how you look at it.

One way is: ‘A high school graduate, hasn’t graduated university, has traveled a lot, and sort of knows HTML.’

“Or you can make it: ‘Got a scholarship to university but took a grant to start a business instead, traveled and worked on business in China, and then started to focus more on engineering than sales recently.’

Pave your path to success. Stepan started doing 2 things that made him a successful programmer at Facebook.

He said, “I succeeded because I did two things:

1. “I identified where I was lacking and figured out what I needed to fill that knowledge gap.”

This class can help you figure out your weak spots and set a curriculum to flip those weaknesses into strengths.

2. “Just take the time to learn it.

    “Sometimes, you don’t want to learn something because it’d be a waste of time if you try and fail. You’re worried about trying and failing. Stop that.

    “Once you make a plan, stop questioning it. Make the decision – and go. Don’t say, ‘The chance of success X, so I’ll do X work.’ No. Do all you can, even if it might not work – if you know that’s the path you want.”

    If you know what you want, and will stop at nothing to get it, this class is for you.

    This class will help you:

  1. Study gaps in your knowledge and get fluent in the language of it and prove you can do it.
  2. Study your faults; analyze why people might not give you opportunities what you want.
  3. Analyze your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

  4. What is it?

    A limited five-person class over Skype, with clear instructions followed by a Q&A.

    The class is for today (August 28th) at 5pm PDT (7pm EST) for $20.

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