Learn More, Stand Out From the Crowd, and Connect With Amazing People with Dale Stephens

When Dale Stephens was 11 years old, he told his parents he didn’t want to go to school. They laughed – after all, who wants to go to school in the fifth grade? But he wasn’t kidding.

School wasn’t the place for him, he insisted. Filling out boring worksheets handed out by uninterested teachers wasn’t real learning. After a little convincing, he launched a seven year journey of self-education that would include living in France, learning photography, dropping in on college classes, starting businesses, working internships and more. Dale was officially an unschooler.

But, despite all this, he always assumed that college would be different. After all, he loved learning. And colleges are the centre of human knowledge, aren’t they? Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as he expected. In the college system, Dale saw the same problems he’d seen in his local public school system. So he repeated his previous pattern, dropping out and self-directing his education. This time, the journey led him to even greater and more interesting places. 


Dale now runs a business called Uncollege, a community that encourages students to examine the alternatives to college. He applies what he’s learned about self-directed education to help others do the same. He runs Hackademic Workshops, where hundreds of high school students have gathered for intensive weekends on the principles of self-education. He organizes Gap Years, where students take a year off from traditional schooling to learn outside of the classroom, travel the world, intern with great mentors, and start businesses.

And now, in a GiveGetWin exclusive deal, he’s going to sit down with 5 of you for an intimate chat on hands-on self-education, alternative credentialing, and world-class networking. 

What exactly will you learn?

Personal Learning Plans: How did Dale manage to stay out of the classroom from Grade 6 to 12 without missing anything? He set up rigorous personal learning plans. By distilling his knowledge on metalearning, the science of learning, and setting up the right motivation, he’s created a system for personal learning that exceeds anything that could be taught in a classroom. We all know that all the knowledge in the world is out there for free. What Dale has mastered is how to synthesize that knowledge so it can be learned efficiently and effectively. You know that overwhelmed feeling you get when you think about all the things you want to learn? This part of the talk will teach you to organize your learning goals and put together plans to tackle them without that stress.

Alternative Credentialing: Many of us believe that we can’t become successful and respected without a university diploma. But that’s no longer true. The secret lies in alternative credentialing. We live in a time where the pathways to credentials are no longer controlled by the establishment. Today, there are hundreds of methods of proving your worth and intelligence without having a diploma hanging on your wall. These alternative credentials landed Dale major profiles in publications like CNN, The New York Times, The Asia Times, ABC, Fast Company, Mashable, NPR, and The Huffington Post. Ever worried that, for all your hard work, your resume still seems to blend into a crowd? This part of the talk will teach you strategies so that you can immediately stand out from the competition.

World-Class Networking: We’ve all heard the expression that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” While this isn’t completely accurate, there is some truth to it. Yet so often we do nothing about it. Not Dale. He organized collaborative learning groups, met leaders in his industry, and built relationships with mentors almost immediately after dropping out. Now he’s turned his experience into a pain-free networking style that leads to major results. Have you felt the pain of awkwardly chatting at networking events to try to meet people in your industry? This part of the talk will teach you techniques to strategically find and connect with the right mentors and peers to support your goals.

As you can see, this talk is valuable for far more than just prospective college students. Yes – Dale’s guidance is incredibly useful in replacing the traditional college system with self-directed learning, credentialing, and networking. But, for many of us, college didn’t provide these things in the ways we’d hoped. Fortunately, learning is a lifelong process. It’s never too late to improve yourself.


The five lucky buyers of this deal will receive access to an intimate 5-on-1 G+ Hangout with Dale. He’ll spend about half the time giving a talk about his techniques on self-directed education, and the other half will be spent in an open forum Q&A setting.

Dale’s weekend camps sell for over $700. His Gap Year program costs over $10,000. But, because of the charitable nature of GiveGetWin, you’ll have access to his techniques and ideas for only $50.

Get your spot and start your journey to self-education today!

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