Learn Leadership and Throw World Changing Events; 1-on-1 with Abe Sorock

Get High Calibre Guests, Top-In-Class Speakers, And Huge Value for Every Single Attendee… Build Relationships That Last A Lifetime… And Develop Your Leadership Skills

Have you ever wondered how events like TEDx & The World Domination Summit get created?

How do they find the perfect venue, get world class speakers thrilled to come to events, and fill the house with action taking, world changing attendees...and then do it all over again?

From making sure you sell out, to planning a value packed timetable ensures maximum value and minimum burnout, to leveraging price, media, email, and sales funnels to attract your ideal audience... it can seem like an arduous and complex process. The kind where you'd going to have to fail a few times before you succeed.

Unless, of course, you've got an experienced and hugely successful mentor guiding you past the pitfalls and straight into the big wins.

Abraham Sorock is the Director of Atlas China, and has launched and run a hugely successful series of events in Beijing, China. He's brought together people from the largest NGOs operating in China, various Beijing Embassies, serial entrepreneurs, authors, and other top-class people to come together in Beijing.

And Abe didn't have to do it alone -- in fact, it would have been impossible without being able to connect with like-minded people and having a whole group of people that help make it happen, in a thriving ecosystem of collaboration, working together, and doing cool things. 

You're going to learn...

  • How to make the mental shift to being a leader. What leaders say to themselves internally and what they do externally, and how to tap into that.
  • How to pinpoint your audience. It all starts here, with knowing your audience. Once you really understand them, you will be able to create a compelling message that attracts high quality attendees and highly-sought-after speakers. 
  • How to find the perfect venue, that lends the ideal environment to your event and helps create a mindset of learning, action taking, and dream achieving.
  • How to get anyone to speak at your event. It's all in how you present your idea to them. Even the rarest speakers can be had if you reach them through a mutual friend, present the event in a light that benefits them, and make it astoundingly easy for them to prepare. 
  • How to get your event paid for by sponsors. Just like getting great speakers, getting great sponsors is all about how you approach them. Done right, you will be able to host massive giveaways, get your message out to thousands of people, give your speakers the VIP treatment, and add a serious boost to you profits...all without spending a dime. 
  • How to promote your event & get high-calibre attendees. How to partner with other organizations to get them to fill up the half the crowd and bring in great new perspectives, and how to keep attendees enthusiastically coming back to the group again and again.
  • How to create the most productive & enjoyable agenda. Some events are so packed & rushed that attendees lose interest half way through. Others so flowing that they only learn half as much as they could have. But, with a proper timetable of speakers, question sessions, networking breaks, and side events, your attendees will always be in the middle of doing something awesome, and still stay high energy for the whole day. 
  • What information you must collect from your audience, to increase your event's impact, ensure that word of your event spreads after it's over, and make your next event into an even bigger success. 
  • How to connect attendees together so people can achieve their business goals, projects, and other objectives together with you.
If you're thinking of creating an event that will fill your head full of useful knowledge, your heart full of fiery inspiration, and your reputation full of niche leadership status, I can't overstate how valuable this offer is to you. 

Countless events result in nothing more than bitter failure every year, due to simple ignorance of this very knowledge. At best, these events make no impact in the world at all...they simply waste everyone's time & money. At worst, the organizers hit an obstacle they simply don't know how to beat, and the event dies before it ever began. 

But, with Abe's guidance and knowledge applied to your events, take a huge leap in your leadership and achieve to greater extents than you thought possible. . Not only will you see the traps and obstacles long before they trip you up, but you'll know exactly what steps to take to turn your event into the kind of thing that changes lives, connects worldchangers, and catapults you into a position of leadership. 

Now, Abe is offering his mentorship on event building and leadership to just 5 people through GiveGetWin, at only $40 each due to the charitable nature of the project.

You'll get a chance to work 1-on-1 with Abe on a Skype call or phone call of your choice. Abe will have an agenda to cover the fundamentals with you, but will more importantly spend time to ensure your personal goals are achieved and your questions are answered. 

I don't have to tell you that, with his guidance, you'll make more than 10x that in value in your first event alone. And that's not even counting the long-term business and career value of the connections you'll build and the knowledge you'll gain.

With that kind of value on the table, those spots are gonna be gone in a matter of days. 

Don't let a lack of knowledge hold you back -- taking a strong leadership position can rocket your business and career forwards, get you on a first-name basis with amazing mentors and leaders in their fields, and build the kinds of friends and close relationships that you'll be thrilled to have for years.

Grab your spot right now, prepare your pen and paper for some serious notetaking, and get ready to change the world. 

There are five slots available for a personal one-on-one session with Abe. The price? Only $40 due to the charitable nature of the project. The value? Well, what's it worth to you to develop your leadership skills and be able to get serious luminaries in your field to come to events filled with colleagues of yours? Abe's bringing together immensely talented people from many important walks of life, and he's thrilled to be able to show you how to do that too.

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