Learn How to Survive the Future with Nikola Danaylov

Welcome -- on this page, you can buy a seat on a one-hour interactive live discussion with Nikola Danaylov with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

The topic: How You Can Prepare for Major Technology Changes

Should you attend?

Definitely, if you're interested in:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Biotechnology and Anti-aging
• Transhumanism 
• Existential Risk
• Current technology and trends
• Technological unemployment
• Philosophy and consciousness (within the context of super-intelligent machines)

    This is the perfect for those that are inquisitive about the future, to share thoughts and ideas relevant to the exponential growth of technology and the path toward the Singularity.

    What You Will Learn

    Whether you're a student, 9-5 worker, or entrepreneur, Nikola Danaylov will teach you how you can mitigate potential technological risks to humans and capitalize on the benefits of technological growth. 

    Nikola will discuss ways to get ready for the technological changes to come. You'll learn both the scary and exciting prospects of exponential technologies and artificial intelligence. 

    "Technology is a double edged sword. It provides unique opportunities for us to do better than ever before. But it also provides bigger opportunities for some people to do damage. When the capability to do good grows, unfortunately the capability to do bad grows also."

    "For us to reduce fear and anxiety of the future changes we’re inevitably going to undergo, the best way to do that is educate ourselves about the possibilities."

    Entrepreneurs will learn certain trends to look out for and how they can fuel the systemic change our world needs to prepare for the path toward technological singularity.  

    "If you’re creating a product or service, don’t create something for the world that you live in, but create it for the world that will likely be at the moment your product or service will be ready for usage."

    Nikola will also touch on changes in career prospects as more and more jobs become automated. 

    "I think technological unemployment is going to be a substantial issue in the next decade or so. I don’t think there are many jobs that will be completely safe from technological unemployment."


    Why Learn From Nikola?

    Nikola Danaylov is the mastermind behind the most widely recognized blog, podcast, and symposium about the impact of technology, exponential growth, and artificial intelligence. He has spent the past 5 years producing over 800 articles and interviewing more than 175 of the world’s best known experts, Nikola has gifted all his content for free – in the hope of helping you create a better future and better you.

    Nikola became interested in the Singularity while writing a paper on drone warfare for his master's thesis in political science. Interestingly, his success with Singularity Weblog all stemmed from being denied a writing job at the largest blog on technological singularity at the time.

    "I sent the application and they never responded to me. After a couple of weeks of not hearing back, I realized, maybe I could do it on my own– build the blog myself instead of working for someone."

    Today his blog reaches about 50 to 60 thousand people a month, his podcast has had over 2 million views, and YouTube channel brings brings around 120,000 people a month. 

    This 60-minute webinar is on Thursday, September 3rd at 5PM EST, is limited to 10 participants and costs $15.

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