Learn Graphic Design By Making A Logo with Tara Roskell

Learn logo design w/ Tara Roskell

Are you the type of person to notice small mistakes in a layout and obsess over the right color combinations? Do you want to sharpen your graphic design skills against 20 years of industry experience? Maybe you’ve just been waiting for that nudge in the right direction...

“Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications.” –Dave McClure

Design isn’t just packaging or a label--it’s the aerodynamic property of a product that determines its trajectory.

Why is design important?

- A powerful smartphone chip with a poor user interface is doomed

- A beer can with an unattractive label doesn’t sell

- A classic sports car needs a powerful engine and the right lines

Anyone who doubts the impact of design should read the back of the nearest shiny rectangle with rounded corners:

Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.”

Great design is instrumental in achieving the goals of thousands of organizations across the globe, and every one of them has a logo at the center of their brand.

If you've often considered giving design a shot, but felt overwhelmed by the array of options and different skills to learn, take on a small, concrete project that give you a glimpse of the full spectrum with this course. 

About the Teacher

Tara Roskell has two decades of experience in graphic design. You'll learn from her experience working in design agencies, you'll gain perspective from her time running design agencies, and if you've ever wanted to be a freelancer--she's got that nailed too.

Her online course “How to Design a Logo - A Beginner’s Course” has it all.

What you get: the full logo design process

- How to work from a client’s brief

- Brainstorming design ideas

- Designing the logo

- How to quote a client

That's 20 years of industry experience for $10.

System Requirements:

- Adobe Illustrator (free trials available at their site) 

Mastery of any skill is a path, and every path starts with one step. Take the next step today and click the Buy button below to get your coupon code and course link.
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