One Year to an Excellent Life

“I’m NEVER going to transform my life into something better.”

…Said no one ever.

Nobody thinks that. Everybody plans to improve his life.

You’ve probably thought about getting a better-paying job or starting a business sometime in the future. In fact, not only will you earn more in this new job, you will also enjoy doing it more. Plus, it will make you life feel more fulfilling.

Nobody says he’ll NEVER take control of his life. Sad thing is most people won’t.


They just put it off until the proverbial Someday.


The problem is too many choices.

You have no idea. You have too many ideas. Where do you begin?

You have no business skills. Everybody says you can learn… But which do you start with?

What if you’re scared? What if it screws up your career? What will your friends and family think?

Too many fears. Too many questions. Too many choices. Waaah. Just think about it next time.

That’s how most of us spend our lives: Agonizing over everything, living lives of quiet desperation.

We end up in our graves never doing anything.

So what’s the solution?


Want to save more money? Get rid of the superfluous stuff and keep the essentials.

Want to start a business? Put up a landing page and sell your idea to solve one painful problem.

Want to learn a skill? Choose one and start practicing.

No matter who you are, where you live, or what your circumstances are… You can simplify and start something. And if you do that?

Then one year is all you need to transform your life into something excellent.

Who will you be in January 2015?

These days, an excellent life means leaving home and traveling the world, while running your own business.

Want to do that? Here’s how:

First, spend less and save your money. Then either work more or start your own business. Finally, start something. Anything. Then figure the rest out along the way.

Everyone will tell you: It is that simple.

It really is. But obviously, it’s not easy.

The good news is… You can do it fast, you don’t have to wait long, and you can start now. In fact, the earlier you start, the better.

Because… Better news: One year is enough. In fact, it’s plenty of time to transform and build the life you want.

Think about this. If you start now, by January 2015, you could be traveling Asia or South America while making a living online.

And the best news?

Someone’s going to help you do it.

Enter John Bardos from Jet Set Citizen.

In 1997, John was in his twenties, single, and in debt. Started and failed at a few start-ups. He needed a drastic change in his life. So he left Canada and moved to Japan. It worked. With no job, no visa, and $1000, he started a business then found a great woman to marry.

Life was good.

2009, 12 years later:

Now forty years old, John felt himself stagnating. He felt the need for big, fat, exhilarating change again. He and his wife wanted to leave their secure but boring lifestyle, experience new cultures, and challenge themselves professionally.

They made a one-year plan and fast forward 2010… They are jetsetting Thailand, Japan, Hungary, and Europe, among others.

Let’s just say John’s an expert on…

Making drastic changes fast

Want to start a business at home? Move to the other side of the globe? Start a movement and contribute more?

All of the above?

Young or old, broke or someone with much to lose, John wants to help you plan your one year to an excellent life.

Whatever you want to do, in most cases, the problem is you’re stuck because of too many choices. And the solution is to simplify.

For something so simple, simplifying can be difficult.

In this one hour class, John will teach you his principles and strategies to help you simplify your life and focus your efforts. Once you do, you’ll surprise yourself and how rapidly you start accomplishing the things you want. You’ll come out with a proven step-by-step one-year plan. Then all you need is to execute.


Take a minute and imagine where you could be one year from now. Take a long and hard look at yourself. Because in 2014, your 2013 self won’t recognize you.

Sound crazy? Not at all. John’s done it. Twice. Let him teach you how. Because it’s for charity, it’s just $29.99.

No hard sell here.

Transforming your life in 1 year with a legit nomad entrepreneur for $29.99? That’s a no-brainer. 5 spots only. Save yours now. After they’re filled, John will coordinate with you to schedule the class. Just click buy now.

P.S. How much is an excellent life worth to you? Don’t underestimate the ridiculously cheap price the same way you undervalue what you can do in one year.

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