Jeff Goins' Intimate Class On Building Your Audience (and Craft)

Jeff Goins went from having a small, poorly focused blog with a very small readership to becoming incredibly popular in the writing space, with over 100,000 very happy and enthusiastic writers, and a full time career from his writing. 

He's got some incredibly counterintuitive lessons for how he did that.

"Everyone is concerned about what they like or love. Instead, do the opposite. Think about what really bothers you. What gets you really mad every time you hear it on the news or see it in front of you? And start talking about it... you find your worldview through largely saying, 'I don't like this.'"

Goins wants you to be able to master your artistic craft, express yourself, and build a great audience to interact with who are a joy.

"I found that, over time, people get bored if you only talk about the same thing. So I think it's key to focus, but I realized over the last two years on this blog and six years of blogging in general -- it's not so much a topic you need to focus on, it's a worldview. A unique paradigm or perspective you can see the world through."

During this GiveGetWin class, you're going to get the real, honest, nitty-gritty details from Jeff about how to develop your writing voice, your craft, and your worldview. How to choose what to narrow down and focus on. How to listen and interact with your audience.

How to focus.

How to go pro.

How to unapologetically speak your mind.

And beyond the writing itself, Jeff is going to give you some great tactics and mechanics. He'll introduce you to the technology you need to get your message out there, and teach you how to tap into existing networks. 

It's not about writing and then finding an audience, it's about writing for an audience. If you do that, you'll slowly and deliberately attract people who want to hear what you have to say.

This class will help you tremendously in your writing, and perhaps spill over to more practical artistic and business talent across the board. It's relevant for creative writers, yes, and anyone who uses the written word or who clear communication and self-expression to market, sell, and promote a worldview. (And in 2013, you better be connecting beyond a commodity level with your customers or employer.)

The class will be open to 20 people and will help you build a tribe, develop audience, find your voice, improve your craft, and pro up. It's going to be magnificent, and you'll walk away with great insights, you'll get your questions answered, and you might have the chance to strike up some great friendships.

After you sign up, you'll be surveyed on what the best times for you for the class are, and Jeff will do his best to accommodate the largest number of people. It will be in daytime in North America, but we'll work to make sure the hours fit as many of your international folks as possible.

If you want to really build a fantastic audience online, this is a great opportunity to connect with a clear master at doing so. Whether you're familiar with his work already, or this is the first time you're hearing about Jeff, he's tremendously authentic, all about helping, and has keen insights for you to bring to your own craft as you build your tribe. Due to the charitable nature of GiveGetWin, the price is only $19.95 and you're going to get amazing insights.

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