Investing Starter Kit: 1-Hour Webinar for Young Professionals Feeling Iffy about Investing + Half Off 1-Year GoldBean Membership

There are three kinds of people in this world. There's that guy at work who’s been “growing his money” since the age of 5, there's that girl you know who dances between 4+ credit cards like it’s no big deal, and then there’s you.

You like money. You work hard for it. You’ve been listening advice and know you need to get on it, but the idea of investing is a goliath you don’t know how to overcome. No more.

Decode the numbers, understand the game, and feel confident as you do it in a 1-hour webinar on Sept 21 @7:30 EST. Long-term investor and champion of financial literacy, Jane Barratt will map you through the world of investing in a way that makes sense.


That’s right. Get your insider insights on how to get more money in your pocket, and benefit charity while you're at it.

Jane Barratt

  • Founder & CEO of online investing platform, GoldBean
  • 20 years experience driving growth for Fortune 500 companies
  • Registered investment advisor specialized in personal and data-driven investing
  • Author on and

No need to wait for everything to click into place. Others are reaping the benefits from their investments, and so can you! Get started planting your money tree today and watch as your earnings grow over time. Learn:

  • The basic investing lingo/terms you need to get started
  • How to go about building a solid and diverse portfolio, personal to you and your spending habits
  • How to read a company’s stock chart and determine its profitability/financial health
  • When to “buy and hold”, and when to “pull the plug” when it comes to stocks


This webinar will give you the practical and actionable steps you need to get started in the world of investing. Seal the deal and get a 1 year membership with GoldBean HALF OFF! Regularly priced at $50, the membership is only $25 through GiveGetWin.


A full Investing Starter Kit, tailored to you.

  • 1 hour webinar to get started with investing - $5
  • 1 year membership with GoldBean - $25 (discounted price)


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The webinar will be held Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 7:30 EST

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