How to Get Mark Cuban as a Mentor with Jason Li

This is an hour-long webinar with Jason Li that will happen on Thursday, August 27th at 8 PM ET (4 PM PST). It will be limited to 8 participants to get individualized coaching and feedback with Jason, and cost $5. Sign in information will be sent when you register. Jason is an eighteen-year old that has Mark Cuban as a mentor, has run multiple companies worth millions, and won thousands in pitch competitions.

This deal is for you if:

  • You're a college or high school student wanting to be an entrepreneur
  • You recently graduated, and are stuck in a less than fulfilling path
  • You've ever asked yourself -- "What if I did that thing..."
  • You want more out of life

You can find Jason Li wherever you'd find an average college student -- at the dining commons, hanging out in his dorm room, at the gym. Seems normal enough? Except what you wouldn't notice about Jason is that he runs two companies worth millions of dollars before being able to legally buy a beer. 

Sure, sounds like a Mark Zuckerberg story of accomplishment that you could never reach?

It's not. But how do could you do that?

As Jason admits, he's not the smartest, talented or most cut-throat person in the room. What does separate him from others is that he is not afraid to step out of his path in life

"Ever been told that 'it's not what you know, by who you know?' I have problems with that... I moved to America at age 4 from age China, and we knew no one. And it wasn't about who we know, but about who we don't know yet"

He started his first company (iReTron) at age 14 and appeared on Sharktank at 16. It won investment from Mark Cuban and Barbara Cochran, and to this date, Jason still talks with Mark every other week. Wish that you had mentors like Mark and Barbara?

He then started UProspie - a prospective student college experience company - at age 18.  He's won over a dozen pitch competitions for UProspie including the University of Chicago's College New Venture Challenge ($10,000) and Northwestern's Venture Challenge ($17,000) among others. It's rapidly expanding, and has a footprint on dozens of schools with hundreds of high school users.

He'll extract lessons for you about how to create your own 'UProspie' by seeing the opportunity around you -- in business and in life.

"People say that entrepreneurship can't be taught, or that it's innate. While that may be true that not all of us are business owners, it doesn't mean that we can't all live entrepreneurially. Entrepreneurship is a mindset for a lifestyle that can and should be nurtured"

    In this hour long webinar, Jason will talk about his strategies for being both a high school and college entrepreneur -- including practical advice on work-balance and time-management, how to make a Sharktank winning pitch, and what it means to be an "everyday entrepreneur". He'll also have a Q&A period for individualized coaching.  What could you accomplish?

    This deal is limited to 8 participants will cost $5. All the proceeds will go towards charity. It'll happen on Thursday, August 27th at 8 PM EST.

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