How to Begin Your Career Plan with Doreen Jacklin

This is a LIVE one hour class with organizational psychology professional Doreen Jacklin on How to Begin Your Career Plan held at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern) with 10 spots available.

Learn how to take action to better enjoy your career. In this Career Planning webinar, you will learn the importance and benefits of creating a career plan using a solution-focused career planning tool. You will be guided through a process to start to identify how you can make the tool work for you. By the end of this webinar, you will have completed the initial process of exploring your career potential and setting yourself up for a more enjoyable career future.



Are you stuck in a transition between jobs?

Willing to get over it and reach the next level in your career?

This is a class with Doreen Jacklin, founder of nPRES Consulting and specialized in Human Resource Development. She works with individuals, families and professionals to meet their life/work goals. Doreen works as a consultant, educator and researcher with a passion for healthy performance practices. She has her masters in Organizational Psychology and has completed extensive research in learning and development and the change process. Doreen is also a two-time award winner for Motivational Achievement and Human Relations.

Her class is for anyone that is going through a career transition or wants to enhance their career experience.

If you are that, then you can learn actions from Doreen to take your career to the next level.

You’re invited to join this class and let Doreen take the best of what she knows and help you build that career plan in a unique way, getting a clear vision of your strategy and empower you to discover what you want in your career. 

As she says: “I have a solution focus tool that I’ll take the participants through and that will create their awareness about themselves. I also will talk about 3 key components that they need in order to create an effective career plan. And because they’ll be guided through the thought process, they will find out how to make it sustainable.”

By the end of this one hour class with Doreen, you’ll be able to:

    • Better understand what a career plan is and how it benefits you
    • Identify 3 key components that are necessary for career planning
    • Start to use a solution-focused career planning tool

You're going to enjoy exploring your creativity and opening locked doors with Doreen, who is a very empathetic person and professional that knows how to better be aware of yourself and be motivated to give your best to the world. With a supportive and different approach to the process of creating your own path to what success means to you, you won't think about the career planning process the same way after this class.

If you want to start building your dream career, please join Doreen Jacklin at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern). There are just 10 spots available. 100% of proceeds go to charity -- the price is $19.90 which is a very good price for someone with a background and experience of this level.

See you in the webinar!

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