How to Become a Successful Self-Taught Animator, by Tomasz Kaye

Tomasz Kaye will share with other aspiring animators how he taught himself animation to communicate his ideas more effectively.

The class will be for one hour, with only 10 people there. Tomasz will share his experience with you and then take your questions.

Tomasz struggled at first to get his message across… he reminisced in a recent interview: I had a YouTube channel and I made these kind of talking-head videos where I tried to persuade people about some issue I felt strongly about. That was okay, but the format wasn’t the most interesting thing to look at. I believed that I could do a better job of communicating what I wanted to say if I could put together an animation.”

Tomasz had a feeling he could do better in persuading… so he taught himself how to create animations.

The results became apparent quickly.

Tomasz: “The first animation I made got spread around online and became more popular than I had expected. Seeing that, I realized that if I wanted to do something in a similar vein, there was a potential audience for it.

The next step?

A crowdfunding campaign.

Tomasz raised $10,000 in two crowdfunding campaigns for his next two animations in the series.

People say to me that they're interested in getting into animation, but they have no formal training. What I didn’t do myself, that I could have done to a greater extent, was to begin very, very simply, even to the extent of using a kind of slideshow rather than a fluidly animated product.

Tomasz will teach his hard-won lessons in a class + personalized Q&A session this coming Monday, August 17th at 12 PM Pacific Time (9 PM Netherlands Time).

The price is an even $10 and 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

Should you come to this class? It’s for people who are seriously considering the option of getting into animation as a career or hobby, or who are already on the path and want to learn from someone self-taught who has achieved success with his popular animations.

Question for you --

Do you want to tell your stories, persuade more effectively, and connect with people using animation?

This is the class for you.

As Tomasz says:

From a very pragmatic angle, animation can be extremely cheap to do if you go about it in a particular way.

All the proceeds go to charity, you get to do some good, you get to learn from someone great, and you’ll be on the call with others with similar goals as you -- so you might make some new friends and contacts.

$10 is of course rather a bargain for this type of opportunity to learn hands-on in real time; it’s only available due to the charitable nature of the class and Tomasz' generous giving of his time.

The class is at Monday, August 17th at 12 PM Pacific Time (9 PM Netherlands Time).

There are only 10 spots available, and then it will be sold out. Reserve yours below now and we’ll be in touch with details about how to sign on and get some great lessons and a great experience with Tomasz.

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