How to Become A Freelancer - Happy & Independent - with Will Gibbons

Freelance product design expert, Will Gibbons, will give a one hour webinar on how to become a successful independent contractor. His years of experience in a niche market will give great insight to anybody looking to work as a freelancer, full time or on the side.

Maybe you work as a freelancer and want some tips on how to improve your business. Are you thinking of leaving your job to really pursue your passion of independent work? Do you possess a valued skill set like design, web development, photography, or other tech talents? Does this photo below get you excited?

Will working in Keyshot 6

This webinar will bring you closer to your true potential in the world of freelancing. Will is going to walk you through how to get started, how where to find clients, and how to manage your reputation in the industry. Tried-and-true tactics and advice will help people of all stages.

Starting only two years ago, Will has worked with a wide range of clients throughout the USA. This has given him the independence and success to live the life he wants to, as well as work how he feels he can be the most productive. He can help you achieve the same by sharing tips and tricks he has picked up during his journey.

Scroll down and register before the event is sold out, as there are only 20 seats available. For only $15 per seat, this is how you should be spending your Saturday morning (9AM Pacific, 10AM Mountain, 11AM Central, 12PM Eastern) on August 29th.

“At my day job, it was tough to focus because I'd rather have been working with my freelance clients.”

Meet Will Gibbons. After years working in-house for a large company, he found himself moving across the country to a rural town near Pittsburgh—with no job. This was the perfect time for him to begin pursuit of his dream of working fulltime as a freelancer. Just over a year later, here he is.

“I found my first client on Craigslist. That led to another, which led to another, which led to another.”

In this webinar he will talk about common questions that you may have as a freelancer, and how to overcome them:

  • Where do I find clients?
  • How do I build a following?
  • How can the community help me?
  • Should I leave my job to pursue freelancing?

The Ups & Downs of Freelancing

“Many people think the self-employed only work a couple hours here and there, but in reality, 99% of us work more than a typical 9-5. The crucial difference is you get to choose when, where and how you work.”

He has been in the game for a while now, and can help you get to the same point and beyond. Take this rare opportunity to learn from his successes and failures. Invest in your career as a freelancer today by registering for this webinar.

“A lot of people also struggle with knowing how much to charge for their time, drafting proposals, and personal finances. The good news, is that this is all easy to learn”.


Don’t miss your chance to talk with a true expert on freelancing who can help you through the same struggles he experienced.


Saturday, August 29th at 9AM Pacific (11AM Central, 12PM Eastern).

Only 20 seats at $15. We’ll see you there!

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