How Might We Empower Girls to Become Leaders? Learn How YOU Can Make An Impact – 1-on-1 Mentorship Session with Stanford Grad and Movement Leader Katie Kirsch (Cofounder @ Girls Driving For A Difference)


Sit down. Keep quiet. Wear a dress. Don't run around. Your skirt's too short.

Sound familiar?

You hear the first stirrings of this when you turn 11, interspersed with cookies and homework and playtime. It's jarring. It feels out of place. It feels like growing up.

You might think it doesn't bear any long-term consequences... but you'd be wrong.

According to studies by Harvard University, girls encounter a phenomenon between childhood and womanhood called “losing voice”.

This has far-reaching effects beyond the classroom: girls lack the confidence to take leadership in the areas they care most about, like community service and social change.

It’s not just a setback for the girls – it’s a huge loss for our society, too.

Our girls need us. But what can we do to empower them?

Katie Kirsch wondered the exact same thing.

As a product design major at Stanford, she’d designed and facilitated workshops for young girls. Her best work was 2 hour-long design thinking and leadership workshops called "Find Your Drive", geared towards empowering middle school girls to become leaders of social change.

Her workshops seemed to bear an extraordinary effect on the girls.

They were more open, more social, more interested in leading change in their communities.

Maybe Katie was onto something.

Katie got together a few friends, and together, they formulated a plan: To bring this transformative workshop to all the girls in the country.

In October 2014, Girls Driving For A Difference was born.

To raise funds for this ambitious endeavor, Katie and her friends launched a Kickstarter campaign. They exceeded their goal by $10K, raising a total of $35K for their cross-country mission.

Then they jumped into an RV, and taught their workshop across the United States.

In 14 weeks, they crossed 30 states, coached 55 workshops, and touched over 1200 middle school girls nationwide.

Now, with their Teaching Toolkit and Facilitator Guide, anyone – even you and me – can make a difference for girls anywhere in the world.

So how did Katie – fresh out of college – become a national champion for empowering girls using design thinking?

Katie is graciously hosting five 1-on-1 personal mentorship sessions for charity.

During your time together, find out first-hand how Katie created this transformational tool for girls, and how you can be a catalyst for change in your own community, too.

You will walk away with actionable, practical insights, like:

  • How to develop the changemaker mindset – learn how to enact small but sustainable changes in your community, even with limited knowledge, connections and experience;
  • How to build a national movement – Girls Driving for a Difference has taken the United States by storm; learn how you can systematically build that viral effect into your own projects;
  • How to facilitate transformational group sessions – get a better understanding of the different forms of facilitation, and the most effective ones for creating deep, unshakeable change in your participants’ psychology.

You will also get to learn about Katie’s work with Girls Driving for a Difference, and gain a deeper understanding on:

  • How GDD is a powerful tool for turning our girls into community leaders – get a better understanding on the science and methodologies behind GDD, and why it solves such a uniquely challenging but overlooked problem in society;
  • How empowering girls is the best thing you can do for your community – find out why it’s so important for us to build a foundation for our girls to feel comfortable with speaking up, taking leadership and solving problems, and what you can do about it;
  • How you can contribute back to society in your own unique way – learn how to capitalize on your strengths, channel your passions, and collaborate with GDD to create more opportunities for community and leadership growth.

Feel free to ask questions and interact with Katie throughout the session.

This is the time for you to let your curiosity flow and unlock your true potential.

Get ready to build a foundation for transformational mentorship, gain deep insights, and walk away with the skills and mindset to create change in the lives of others.

If this sounds like you…

  • Eager to make a lasting change in society through your own efforts;
  • Believe in empowering people through transformational experiences;
  • Want to understand how design thinking can be used to cultivate leadership; or
  • Interested in launching a social enterprise or nonprofit in the next six months;

This 1-on-1 mentorship session with Katie is exactly what you’re looking for.

There are only five slots, and each slot costs $15.

Have the session with Katie at your own convenience.

100% of the proceeds will go to charity.

 (Katie usually charges a lot more for her time, but since 100% of this is going to charity, she’s cutting us all some slack. You won't be able to find this opportunity elsewhere.)

What happens after you click 'BUY'?

You will…

  • Receive payment confirmation – thanks for contributing to charity!
  • Get connected to Katie via private e-mail
  • Coordinate the time that works best for you and Katie
  • Prepare your questions, concerns, ideas – get ready to gain insights for Katie
  • Hop on the call with Katie at the designated time and have an awesome time!

Take a leaf out of IDEO’s book, and take a bet on Katie.

She will thrill you with her insights, her experiences, and her advice for running a national movement.

Become a social change ninja, and learn how to create impact with design thinking.

Your community – and your life – will never be the same again.


Katie Kirsch is a designer, entrepreneur, and recent graduate from Stanford University with a BS in Product Design. At graduation, David Kelley awarded her as the first recipient of the Robert H. McKim Award and the top undergraduate design student of the year at Stanford.

Katie's work in design has been recognized in Fast Company, sponsored by IDEO, and shared in conferences such as GEL and SXSWEdu. As the co-founder of Girls Driving For A Difference, a design studio that empowers young women to become leaders of social change, Katie recently published a book on teaching design thinking for girls and developed a Teaching Toolkit that enables educators to bring her organization's curriculum to communities of their own.

Katie's passion has guided her through a range of projects in user research and experience design, marketing and branding, communications design/storytelling, curriculum construction, and teaching design methods.

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