Hardcore Adventuring Prep With Tynan

"I was playing Risk at a friend's house, and looking at the map, I decided -- I'm going to do it. I'm going to leave and travel. January 1st, I'm going to sell everything I own and travel."

So began Tynan's odyssey of international travel.... which took him around the world, across continents, and having a spectacular array of adventures.

"When I first started traveling, I did it because I thought I needed to see sights, I was frustrated with America (which I probably appreciate more now that I've seen other places), but when you see these cultures very different than yours, interact with people you wouldn't otherwise, see beautiful things in nature… I think you get a subtle shift in seeing how the world works. You connect with travelers, who tend to be smart outgoing people. I found it to be completely life-changing, because it changed my perspective on the world, humanity, and my horizons too."

The ability to travel freely comes from a mix of developing knowledge, skill, and a lifestyle that makes it possible -- and getting over the fears that hold most people firmly grounded somewhere.

In this interactive class, Tynan will help you gameplan your own adventures. Whether you're brand new to traveling and need a nudge in the right direction, or if you're a veteran traveler looking for amazing off-the-way spots and the best recommendations for customizing your gear for an immense variety of conditions, Tynan is your man.

He moves with a grace and fluidity that most people where many people would be scared to go. He makes his home pout and about the entire world.

Consider the stats he published on his traveling in the year 2011 --

> Cities visited: 42

> Countries visited: 18 (PortugalSpain, Monaco, France, Italy, UK, Norway, Sweden, IcelandChinaJapan, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, St Maarten, Antigua, Barbados, Panama, US)

> New countries visited: 8 (Monaco, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Antigua, Barbados)

> 169 days in San Francisco (46%)
> 116 days out of the country (32%)
> 80 days in the country, out of San Francisco (22%)

> 31 days on a cruise ship (8%, overlaps with the above)
> 35+ flights

> Overall, a pretty good year for travel. I did some good trips, saw some awesome new places (Berlin, Stockholm, Shanghai, and Iceland topping the list), and had adventures. At times it felt like I was rushing around a bit too much, but counter-intuitively, I got way more work done while traveling than when in SF.

"Overall, a pretty good year for travel."

It seems funny to see such understatement. Whereas many people would be pleased to visit 42 noteworthy cities and 18 countries across 3 continents in their life, Tynan was able to do it in a single year -- and "counter-intuitively, [he] got way more done work while traveling" than when home.

In this deal, Tynan will help you address all the key points for your travels --

# getting the right knowledge you need

# getting travel skills and mentality down

# getting expenses drastically down when traveling (if you travel internationally at all, this class will certainly pay for itself in saved expenses)

# getting your lifestyle geared for travel (selling your stuff, simplifying, setting up your income/earning so you can do it abroad)

# finding the right places to visit

# breaking through any fears or barriers you've got

Tynan will be holding a nine-person class that ranges 60 to 90 minutes. (Actually, it's officially 60 minutes, but Tynan will spend 30 more just hanging out and covering whatever else is relevant to the group among his interests -- habit development, technology, more points on travel, etc.)

What's this give you an opportunity to do? It lets you come in, get personalized feedback for your situation, and make good friends and contacts with fellow adventurers worth banding together with and being friends for the long-haul.

Due to the charitable nature of this, the price will only be $19.95. There are nine spots available.

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