Guaranteed Views!!! SEO and Website Optimization for Online Shop owners. Hosted by Founder PJ Cammarata

Are you launching a new website for your brand, product, or personal portfolio?

Your site needs the right visibility. Getting your page the views and customers it needs can be tricky, but the proper SEO plan can do just that!

Work hand in hand with one of the top website design and seo geniuses!! PJ Cammarata, currently the owner of a top ranked website optimization firm, an expert in strategy, marketing, seo, website and mobile web design. Since 2007, PJ & his team have helped 100's of client's websites reach page 1 of Google, where all the money is! Work with PJ Cammarata on developing your website and getting the traction it needs to attract visitors.

The class is for 10 lucky people to join and hear his expertise first hand. Get a chance to ask questions and get live feedback .

About PJ:

-- Terrific speaker who will share his best notes with you;

-- Over 20 years of experience in client services, business ownership and website optimization -- you’re going to learn a lot of immediately applicable lessons;

-- Owner and Co-founder of a top ranked website and optimization firm since 2007.

About the Class:

-- One hour voice conference on strategies across multiple markets;

-- Lay out his success strategies and personal SEO strategies;

-- PJ  will make suggestions tailored to your personal website, portfolio or product goals.

Who Should Buy This?

--Current online store owners

--Preparing to launch online store

--Portfolio owners


Advantages of Learning In This Format:

-- From your own home or office

-- Easy to prep

-- Instant feedback

Get to Know and PJ from the Best

"ThinkBIG´s process has increased our website inquiries 10 fold in under 60 days. Your strategy is amazing and your service is truly one of a kind. I will gladly act as a reference for anyone who would consider engaging ThinkBIG for your SEO and web design services."  -Kathy Bazeghi Owner, Oregon´s Best Mortgage

"These guys delivered more than what they promised. They got us to the top of Google for our keywords in less than 90 days and we had stayed there ever since. No one else has been able to do that for us."  -Michael Yacenda,MeetingBridge


PJ and are very ecstatic to meet and share their success in SEO with you. Grow ahead of the rest and learn in a hour what it took some years to learn. The price of tickets are a small fee of $9.95 for the first ten.

This is available because 100% of proceeds go to charity; it's very generous of PJ. There are only 10 spots available at this price, and only available because PJ is very generously doing this for charity.


For less than $10, to charity, you get to work hand in hand from the Owner of

-- PJ has years of experience of strategy and marketing across the world

-- Top rated

-- You can think out website and seo plans firsthand with PJ

-- Logical

-- Fun

-- PJ is a great guy, really patient, will really ensure you learn and enjoy yourself.


--You’ll get a confirmation to join a conference call  with PJ at 7:00 pm EST on Sept 1st, 2016

-- You can prep your website, portfolio, or product goals  to send over to PJ before the class

--Follow along hand in hand online

-- 100% of proceeds to charity

If you want to learn some world class SEO plans and get your product visible with PJ, there's only 10 spots available -- buy now and you'll be locked into this one time offer.

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