Group Class on Establishing Leadership and Influence with Dan Redford

"If you're thinking, 'Am I a leader or not?', then you are. Everybody can be a leader."

So says Dan Redford, who brings out the best in those around him -- and wants to help you develop your leadership, reputation, outreach, messaging, networking, and connecting skills.

"I genuinely love people and like working with people, and am curious about who they are and what they do. So, I've always found that if you want to get somewhere, chances are that someone is going to have to help you get there."

This has been Redford's philosophy for a long time. Hailing from Frankenmuth Michigan, a city just under 5000 people, Redford has been able to build a career in international U.S./China business on the strength of integrity, influence, expertise, and connecting with the right people to get ahead.

Redford discovered during his university years that he wanted to have a connection in U.S./China business, and through outreach, using internet and traditional media, and outreach, he was able to secure a paid event coverage at the Shanghai Expo, get featured in traditional media in Michigan to share the story of Shanghai.

From there, he continued to build, and wound up in China as an Operators Director of a company doing outbound finance and immigration, personally seeing his sales and business development lead to his Chinese clients investing tens of millions in the United States.

"Once you've picked a topic you care about, email your local paper to get something published. Keep doing it. Get published somewhere. It doesn't have to be the New York Times. Just the local paper, they want content from people. It's a good start."

Redford has a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact approach. It's led him to find what he cares about, and systematically build a mix of internet/blogging, traditional media and newspaper coverage, television and radio appearances, paid trips, events, leadership positions, and establishing a network of amazing like-minded people who he has great relationships with.

"You know more people than you think you know. If you find out what it is you care about, start asking people "How do I build this?" or "How do I get this message out there?" The person you ask can lead you to the next person, who helps you get to the next person, who takes you where you want to go."

These are the skills Dan Redford can help you build. He's exceptional at:

*Identifying leadership opportunities
*Connecting with traditional media
*Writing and publicizing ideas
*Breaking through fear
*Working with organizations to achieve events
*Recognizing what people care about, and connecting on the most important issues
*Helping people to achieve what they want
*Receiving help from others in achieving his own dreams

Redford has put together a 90-minute collaborative session for charity. During it, Redford will give a brief, impactful 20-minute presentation on how to get started developing your leadership and influence.

The remaining 70 minutes, Redford will work hands-on with each participant to ensure they're taking steps to break through the fear, connect with the right local media regarding the important cause they're working on, identify local organizations to become a part of, get concrete steps for throwing an event together, and whatever else you need to set and expand your position in the world.

Redford is an excellent implementer of all of these skills -- and an excellent, empathetic, and fun teacher with whom you'll feel great to interact with.

You're going to get hands-on time with Redford helping you understand the leadership points you'd like to work on, and a hands-on plan to get established more in your field and spread your message.

A course like this would normally cost in the $50 range. Due to the charitable nature of GiveGetWin (all proceeds go to charity), it will be $19.95 to attend, and there are seven spots available. Redford will ask everyone for the best times for them, and will work to accommodate your schedule.

This is a great opportunity to learn practically to build your skills and influence, while connecting with other people interested in doing the same (and a great guy who is doing great things already).

"Sometimes it's scary as hell. You have to confront things that you are not really too sure about. You need to face your fears... the world needs more leaders." -- Dan Redford

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