Shave Time on Your Open Water Swim: 1-on-1 Consultation with the Fanatic Who Swam from Alcatraz 1,031 Times

 Photo by Peg Gerard

Get ready to gain ground in the open water.

Have you left the pool and jumped into the open water, but discover that it is more difficult than you expected? Do you feel like you're learning to swim all over again and could use some guidance?

Look no further. The guy who swam over a thousand Alcatraz crossings (and set a world record in the process!) is here to assist you. Gary Emich can help you with the physical skills, techniques and mental confidence you need for fast and efficient open water swimming.

If you want to be ahead of the pack and beat more of your competitors, you can start by improving your stroke techniques, race strategies, and so much more with Gary's comprehensive DVD, From Lane Lines to Shore Lines:Your Complete Guide to Open Water Swimming. 

However, only 10 copies are available. The DVD is a special re-issue and it is no longer available online and in stores. So you'll want to hurry to get your copy today. 

In addition to the DVD, you will also receive an exclusive, 1-on-1 phone consultation with 1 of 2 humans ever to swim the Alcatraz crossing more than a thousand times. Gary has pushed his limits and now wants to help you do the same. In your phone consultation, Gary can tailor his advice to your specific needs and concerns. 

Why Gary is an expert:  

--Sheer Amount of Experience: Has Completed 1,031 Alcatraz Crossings (without a wetsuit!)

--Diversity of Experience: Swam in Amazon River replete with piranhas, Bay of Naples, Peru’s Lake Titicaca, Australia’s 20km Rottnest swim, Scotland’s -- you get the point

--He earned an American Swimming Coach Association Level 2 Coach certification

--He earned a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach certification

--Inside Triathlon,Triathlon Life USA, Triathlete and H2Open invited him to write articles for their magazines

--Co-authored “Open Water Swimming: Lessons from Alcatraz”

About the DVD:

Okay, so now you may be thinking: Yeah, yeah, this guy’s accomplished and a consultation with him would be awesome, but what about this DVD? Is it just going to be about the story of his life?

Not at all.

The DVD is all about YOU. Lane Lines to Shore Lines will strip away whatever fears you may have about the open water and guide you step by step towards that feeling of liberation and exhilaration shared by so many other open water swimmers. It will also teach you the strategies and tactics that can lead you to the next level of performance and give you a race day edge.

Topics include:

--Basic Safety Considerations

--Swimming Equipment

--Swim Skills & Techniques

--The Challenges of Open Water

--Physical Acclimatization

--Creating Inner Warmth

--Physical and Mental Training

--Race Day Considerations & Strategies

--Special 17-Minute Bonus Segment on Swimming From Alcatraz

Photo by Peg Gerard

To Sum up:

At the bargain price of $44.95, you receive a comprehensive overview of open water swimming from a DVD and a phone consultation with the legend who produced it.

This is a limited time offer and there are only 10 spots available.

You will receive individualized advice from someone with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.  

Thanks to Gary’s generosity, you’re able to get this offer at a low price and 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

Once you buy:

You’ll receive Gary’s email address and the DVD in your mailbox within a week.

Message Gary to schedule a call. He'll know you donated and will be looking out for your message.

Prep some questions and talking points.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get on a call with Gary and be ready to gain invaluable insights that will help you drive towards accomplishing your open water goals. 

$44.95 $110.00