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Are you:

  • A prospective college applicant or transfer student?
  • Looking for a college that fits your personality and interest?
  • Planning out your college application to show you in the best light possible?

Get help from experts in the field. Consult with Synocate to perfect the roadmaps of your college application.


About Synocate

Founded in 2009, Synocate takes a holistic approach to college applicant. Their unique strategies are backed by robust data sets and experienced counselors, showing a 4x improvement in acceptance rate. Their students are admitted to prestigious colleges, including, but not limited to, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Princeton and Stanford.

What people say about Synocate

"Before signing up with Synocate, I didn't have much of a direction as to what I should be doing to strengthen my application. After having a few meetings, they gave me a clear path to follow. Synocate helped me solidify my academic and extracurricular activities to generate a cohesive theme that helped the colleges really see what I was interested in and why I was a good candidate for admission. Synocate guided me through the essay process to ensure that the essays I wrote conveyed this idea perfectly. Thanks to Synocate, I ended up getting admitted to my first-choice school."

AT, Cornell

"Synocate was very helpful through the college admissions process. They helped form a college list, resume, and essay plan for the schools. I didn't expect they would be as helpful as they actually were. Highly Recommended!"

AG, Harvard

"Synocate was really instrumental in improving my writing and making it more personal. Personal writing is something that we, as students, do not get a lot of practice in at school. Without Synocate, I would not have received as many acceptance letters as I am now, I am sure of it!"

ED, UC Berkeley

What will you get

  • Thirty minutes of private one-on-one with one of Synocate’s highly skilled counselor

How should I know if this deal is for me

  • If you are: Prospective college applicants or prospective transfer students

After you buy

  • You’ll get a confirmation email with a link to the registration form.
  • Schedule the one-on-one and rock your application. 

Why the price

Because 100% of the proceeds from this deal will be donated to SunSaluter, an organization that provides solar energy panels and clean water access to communities in developing countries. Synocate has very generously donated some discounted passes for this cause.   

Step up your application. Get into your dream college. Help a charity at the same time.

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