Finding Your Champion: A Class On Finding Mentors and Getting Them To Fight For Your Success.

If you were to run into Shahrooz on the street, he would modestly describe himself as a normal guy just finding his way in life.

And yet, what this self-described “normal” guy has been able to accomplish that we haven’t is:

  • Capitol Hill Fellow, Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian-Americans - 2012
  • University of California Presidential Leadership Award - 2010
  • University of California Irvine Chancellor's Living Our Values Award - 2010
  • Orange County Human Relations Commission Leadership Award - 2009
  • Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action Award - 2008
  • Governor's Green California Leadership Award - 2008
  • UC Irvine's International and Community Service Scholarship - 2006

What would we have to do to be recognized as an Everyday Hero of the City of Irvine?

What could we change in our own lives to be gifted with a wooden peace symbol carved by tibetan monks blessed by the Dalai Lama?


He has his hanging over his bed. (Not a joke)

Do you ever wish you were born into those wealthy families that buy their kids advisors to help them succeed in life?

Well, similar to most great people who succeed, he had help, but he did so without the wealthy family buying his advisors. He sought out mentors.

In this webinar, Shahrooz will share his experiences and discuss how he obtained these mentors and how they have helped in his own life.

He will also go over techniques you can use to find mentors in your own life:

  • Want to connect to industry experts?
  • Want to reach out to high level people in academia?
  • Need to impress your boss in the workplace?

In this intimate webinar, Shahrooz will discuss these scenarios, and talk about how to find a mentor in your own life. You will have FULL ACCESS to his experiences.

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