Finally Achieve a Meditation Habit w/ Ken Wells' Online Course

The art of mindfulness meditation

The Art of Mindfulness Meditation

An online course from Ken Wells

Why meditate? Peer-reviewed medical literature travels at the speed of your neighbor's grandmother in a Crown Victoria. Yet every year there is more evidence to suggest a variety of benefits stem from consistent meditation. Not convinced? The man who runs Bridgewater, the most successful hedge fund in the world, calls meditation "the single biggest influence" on his accomplishments. 

But if you've ever given meditation a serious run, you're probably familiar with something called "frustration." 

All those Buddha statues and eminently calm monks make meditation look easy the same way Michael Jordan made three consecutive NBA championships look easy. Why is something so peaceful and relaxing so difficult to stick to?

Part of the problem: there are too many distractions. There's a new app to download every minute; a mountain of never-ending work to chip away at; parties to go to; pets, children or drunken friends to watch after, and--oh look! There's a pokemon around the corner!

Distractions are a novelty. 

Mindfulness is like the stone monastery on top of the mountain--unassuming yet seemingly permanent. It sits silent and motionless, observing the bustling valley below--and it's full of badass metaphorical ninjas, ready to spring into action and get shit done.

But that monastery has to be built brick by brick. Kind of like that Lego spaceship you never finished when you were 9. 

The good news: you don't have to win back-to-back-to-back NBA championships to improve your life with a little sports. And you don't have to train for 10 years to become a ninja to see the benefits of a little meditation. (You don't even have to finish a Lego set.)

A monastery (possibly full of ninjas)

A monastery somewhere (possibly full of ninjas)

All you need is a basic structure to follow and little bit of external accountability to start laying bricks, one at a time.

That structure is what Ken Wells gives you in his online course: Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple.

You could spend $20 on a lot of things in life: a bad movie re-make at the theater, an unnecessary packing cube at the local outdoors retailer or a cheap smartphone case.

Or you could spend $10 on establishing a 20-minute lifelong habit for success.

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