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Hey I'm Jesse, and I just put together this bundle of drum sample packs for charity.

I only reached out to the companies in the industry that I love—as a producer, I only wanted to include the kind of sample packs that I would actually use in my music.
The result is a mega-library of one-shot drum samples from some of the leading names in the industry, like Loopmasters, Goldbaby, Black Octopus + other top companies, and 100% of the sales go to charity. I used my experience as a music curator for Google Play to handpick drums that would make the best foundation for any electronic producer.
This bundle will give you everything from top-grade samples from the biggest names in the industry, to forward-thinking drums from tomorrow's stars. You'll have the tools to specialize and room to experiment with these hard-hitting, genre defying drums.
Eventually you'll probably go out and buy more sample packs to narrow down the exact kind of sound you're looking for, but this bundle will keep you busy for a long time. If you were stranded on a desert island with only Ableton and these drums, you could still make some amazing tracks. 
These samples are 100% royalty free, meaning you can use them in any track without restrictions, even the one you score for Inception 2.


  • Wave Alchemy: Drum Tools 01 Deluxe -- Huge collection of essential electronic sounds
  • Black Octopus: Monster Kicks Vol. 1 -- Beefy, pumping kicks for the dance floor
  • Goldbaby: When Alien Drum Robots Attack + When Alien Drum Robots Attack 2 -- Drum and FX tool box, tons of warm samples from vintage drum machines, samplers, and synths - extremely versatile
  • Loopmasters: Thomas Penton Main Room Claps & Snares -- from DJ/producer Thomas Penton's personal collection
  • Tha Loops: Timbo Hip Hop Drumz -- Will make you sound like Timbaland/Kanye West
  • Zenhiser: Trap & Twerk Drum Hits -- Heavy, layered, in-your-face one-shots
  • Dollar Bin: Drum Ensemble Vol. 1 -- Rising hip-hop producer Dollar Bin's secret stash
  • Electronisounds: Curated sounds from eight different sample packs



The retail value of this collection is $297, but today you can get this bundle for just $17.95.

That's 94% off.

How is it so cheap?

Because 100% of the sales from this bundle will be donated to charity. Every company included in this bundle has very generously donated their sample packs to this cause. 

Because these prices are so discounted, this bundle will only be available until 11:59PM PST on Sunday Aug. 28. This price will never be available again



Drum Tools 01 Deluxe - "If you're familiar with Wave Alchemy's products, I probably don't have to bother telling you how great these sound. The kicks have plenty of oomph and the perfect amount of low end, the snares smack and crack in the mix, the cymbals sizzle and cut through, and the percussion, glitch, and heavily processed sounds all sparkle with originality and can add lots of interest to an otherwise ho-hum drum track... There really are very few other companies who do electronic drum sounds as well as Wave Alchemy.  10/10"  -- Tom Shear, Waveformless

When Alien Robot Drums Attack 2 -- "What makes Goldbaby's samples some of the best around is the combination of high-quality sound sources and creative processing, both of which are abundant in this new collection. The kicks alone are superb, with descriptive labels like MPC60_SolidBonk. The claps and effects are also particularly excellent. In fact everything is rich, deep, crisp and inspiring, and with 2112 samples in total, is a total no-brainer. 10/10" -- Computer Music Magazine (UK) 

Black Octopus Monster Kicks Vol. 1 -- "I've been using this for months now, and it's absolutely glorious." -- Some guy on Reddit


-- Instant download of 13,562 professional-grade drum samples delivered straight to your inbox 

-- You make some awesome music


Special thanks to Loopmasters, Wave Alchemy, Goldbaby, Electronisounds, ThaLoops, Black Octopus, Zenhiser, & Dollar Bin for very generously donating their samples to this bundle -- this bundle would be impossible without their generosity.

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