FLASH SALE: 80% Off 9 Drum Sample Packs (3,954 Samples) from Wave Alchemy, Black Octopus, Cr2 + More Sample Gurus, All Proceeds to Charity

A Rare Opportunity To Get 9 Exceptional Drum Sample Packs From Top Companies At 80% Off (And Also Support Charity)

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Drum Heaven is a sample pack bundle of 9 drum packs from some of the most elite sample developers and sound designers around the world. It includes 3900+ premium drum samples and would normally retail for $150+, but for the next 72 hours it costs only $26.95 because 100% of proceeds will be donated to charity.

Hey this is Jesse Sussman and it's really an honor and a privilege to bring you some elite sample packs from top labels and sound designers for charity.

This is a great collection that I think you're gonna really love -- a bunch of the top sample companies have gotten together and put some of their masterpiece drum packs into this bundle.

You're gonna get 3900+ cutting edge drum samples across 9 packs that I think will help you level up as a producer and 100% of the proceeds go to charity, it's really sweet.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get

9 Drum Sample Packs (3,954 Samples) From Elite Sound Designers


  • Wave Alchemy: Syncussion Drums -- 1800+ versatile drum hits from one of the rarest drum synths ever made
  • Sample Tools by Cr2: Drum Hits -- Fat kicks, punchy snares, and bright cymbals made by the mega-label Cr2 Records, who've released tracks from Deadmau5, Carl Cox, Avicii, Eric Prydz
  • Black Octopus: Foley Essentials Vol. 2 -- BIG collection of unique oneshots and textures ft. live recorded snares, cajon drums, and shrapnel percussion w/ a cinematic feel.
  • Six Bit Deep: CR-78 -- An exclusive new pack from Six Bit Deep that's a fresh take on Roland's CR-78 sculpted with high-end outboard gear
  • Chop Shop Samples: Techno Kicks + Drum Fills -- Two hard-hitting packs from the Italian label who've been killing it lately on Beatport Sounds
  • Arcade Music: Pure 808s -- Booming 808s tuned and organized by key, good mix of fundamental 808s with experimental takes
  • Electronisounds: Junebug's Secret Stash -- Over 250 hard-hitting oneshots handpicked from Electronisounds' huge 20 year catalog
  • Origin Sound: Cutting Edge Kicks Vol. 1 -- 100 top quality kicks, comes with bonus PDF to help you fit em into your mix

Here's The Facts: Thousands of Great Samples, You Make Great Music, All Proceeds to Charity

  • Look, we have three objectives here -- you have fun, get great tools, and do some good for the world in the process.
  • These drums would normally cost over $150, but these companies were generous enough to donate their samples to support musicians and charity, so you can upgrade your sample library at a great price and do good for the world at the same time.
  • For the next 72 hours you can get all 9 packs for just $26.95 -- that's over 80% off retail price, and all proceeds go to charity.
  • The labels and sound designers who made these samples have been praised by/worked with top artists like Laidback Luke, Deadmau5, Four Tet, MJ Cole, Fatboy Slim, Nick Theyer, Tom Middleton, Hannah Wants, and Thomas Gold.


What Producers Are Saying About These Packs 

 Syncussion Drums -- "The sound and production quality is superb. Everything is clear, it punches where it's supposed to punch, and it sizzles where it's supposed to sizzle. 10/10!" -- Tom Shear, Waveformless

Cutting Edge Kicks Vol. 1 -- "These kicks are fantastic. For starters, the variety in the pack is unprecedented. Each sample is unique in frequency content & the collection spans over a wide array of timbres & tones. A huge selection of what I like to call ‘Soft Kicks’ which are perfect for Future, Hip Hop, House, and many other genres." -- Axel Boy, Producer

"This is a no brainer... bought before even looking up whats inside but I mean those companies are pretty reputable so i'm game. Much love man!" -- Redditor CommandoLe

For 72 Hours Only: 80% Off 9 Premium Drum Packs (3,954 Samples) From Top Companies

"I participated the last time this site had a charity bundle deal and the quality was incredible. These guys know how to find great sample developers, and their hearts are in the right place." — KVRAudio forum member nineofkings

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