Document & Systematize Your Whole Business/Workflow With Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez runs Grumo Media, the company that's #1 in making demo videos for startups. 

He broke into doing so by taking a risk and creating a demo video for the YCombinator startup Hipmunk -- 100% free of charge.

It caught on like wildfire, and Miguel's rates are now around $15,000 per 90 seconds of animated video. He's worked with Ashton Kutcher, Microsoft, and numerous YCombinator startups as their go-to guy.

All his videos have fun and interesting, compelling little moments, and a tight look and feel.

How did he reach such level of quality?

Miguel explains, "Not everyone naturally thinks this way, but there's a way for everyone. I've been thinking of making a course for this, because you can realize that everything you do is a system of steps."

Miguel has broken down his business into a series of steps, and then researched and documented the best practices for each step. Every single demo video he shoots is ensured to meet certain criteria about stating the problem the product is solving, providing background and how it works, and having a strong call to action.

Miguel researched and put down guidelines for compelling stories and "sticky" narratives -- and the results show.

Furthermore, with all his documentation, automating his business and onboarding new staff -- scriptwriters, animators, and other talent -- has become easy and automatic. 

To do this in your own business, Miguel recommends:

"Once a day, when you're running your business, think of a what to make the business more automatic. Think of a way to represent your business by breaking it down into a series of steps, ask, "What are the steps that it takes us from a sales call to getting the product delivered?" 

As an example, imagine you're building websites. You're a web design company. Their steps would be, say: design, mockups, first meeting, revisions, deployment, debugging…

Every single product has a series of steps. Ask on a regular basis, "How can I break this down?" Then add that to a system like an Excel sheet, and it lets you see your overall workflow and business in one shot.

Instead of carrying it all on your mind, break down every step of the business into smaller chunks, into stages. You can start doing this right now. You don't have to do it all in one day, but if every day you think a little bit, "How can I make this automatic? How can I break this into stages I can replicate and explain?" then you've started."

Miguel's Operations Manual is a combination of text based descriptions of action, and then -- amazingly -- he's able to manage the entire breakdown of steps and action in Excel:

"I need my systems to have a ton of flexibility and to be easy to use. So I keep coming back to Excel spreadsheets.

Everyone who sees it says, "Man, this is great. It's so simple and it works perfectly."

It does. Every production stage we have has a single cell for it. In those cells, a "1" means we need to do something, a "2" means a client needs to do something, and a "3" means the stage is completed. It's simple, powerful, and everyone who joins the company can learn to use the process very quickly."

The end result?

Quality that consistently blows people's minds.

Now, you might be thinking that having your own business having a systematized workflow would be good.

And it would be good. Everyone from solo freelancers to large companies should have an operations manual and their workflow broken into stages, and those stages consistently improved by quality.

That's where this GiveGetWin deal comes in. Miguel is considering a full-length feature course on the topic, and he's graciously agreed to bring his best material to the table in a group class. You'll get to set up your business workflow in real time with 6 other participants, get real feedback from Miguel, learn how his systems work, and make new friends in the process.

And yes -- that was Miguel voicing over the video -- he lives in Canada now, but he's from Spain originally. He's going to sound precisely like that in your class.

This could really help take your freelancing or business to the next level. With all proceeds going to charity, the rate will be $19.95 -- a steal for someone who normally commands $15,000 per video and is regularly sought after for interviews and to work with some of the best people on the planet.

There's seven spots available. Grab yours today.

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