Do Better Work by Transforming It Into Play, Class by Charlie Hoehn

“I wasn't doing things because I wanted to do it; I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't.”

That’s how Charlie Hoehn felt for over a year. Tim Ferriss was paying him a large salary to do work most people envied… until Charlie decided he just couldn’t do it anymore. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in a job, ask yourself a question:

Is this what you expected?

The promise is that your work should support your lifestyle. Work is supposed to be help you live on your terms, according to what’s important to you. 

You imagined you’d be happier and more successful. Maybe you have attained success -- Money. Skills. Contacts. Maybe you haven’t yet. But one thing’s for sure:

Grinding sucks.

And you don’t want to be grinding. When you get caught up in grinding, it’s consuming… and too often, you’re consumed with guilt about how you should be working even more. And no matter how hard you grind... 

That’s how the “life is serious mentality” took the joy out of Charlie’s life. This mentality caused him to feel like work is slavery. Exercise becomes a chore. Food becomes guilt. Friendship an obligation. And love is a social construct.

Nobody talks about it, but the truth is you’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be this way. Which is why Charlie is teaching this group class on how to make work into play.

“The most successful people are like little kids.

When you talk to them about work, they get, "I'M MAKING MY WORLD BETTER!!! :) :) :) 

Gritting our teeth through drudgery is not how we’re built. It’s not what we’re meant to do. Good work does not necessitate a grueling grind.

All the things we love and pay for… They make life fun and beautiful. Art, sports, books, architecture, design, movies, stories… Their creators are just playing. They don’t make things because they are afraid of punishment if they don’t. They want to play and create and have a lot of fun.

Work felt like play. And money came naturally – because all of us just want more fun in our lives.

Charlie became popular by working with Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss. He documents how he did it in his book, Recession-Proof Graduate. Here’s the gist: Offer free work, learn from your mentor, and build in-demand skills. 

He was successful because his heroes inspired him. He wanted to make cool stuff with people he thinks are cool and who are doing cool stuff.

He wanted to play.

And then he got lost somewhere along the way

He forgot that he was just playing. Like we used to play and have fun with friends… Until grown-ups told us to stop this foolishness. Because life is serious and work is serious. And we need to hang out with people who help us be serious.

How serious?

You know you don’t have to work 20-hour days. That you don’t have to check email all the time. Your brain knows this, but somehow you don’t.

That’s how Charlie felt. Dead all the time with no idea what the hell is going on. Or how to stop it. This went on for over a year.

It was a long uphill battle, but he finally figured out how to crush the “life is serious” mentality.

And he wants to help you do the same.

The all-encompassing solution

…is Play. 

Think about it.

If you create things you like, it will feel like play. You’ll enjoy working on it and experience fulfillment while you’re at it. If you choose your playmates, they’ll want to make your life better. And you’ll want to do the same for them. If you design your rules, they won’t feel like you’re in a regime you need to break out of.

You won’t get stuck doing things because of fear and obligation. You’ll play and keep getting better. You’ll want others to have fun playing with you too.

Play is how life is supposed to be and it’s how humans naturally thrive. But somewhere along the way, society beat it out of us.

You need to bring play back to your life.

Do you want to love work and life again?

This class is for you if you…

· Want to do meaningful work, but feel some mix of uninspired, anxious, and burnt out

· Want to stop obsessing over all the crap you have to do

· Know it’s unhealthy to wake up at 3am to check email

· Crave to stop feeling guilty when you’re not being productive (all the time)

· Feel like work is life and life is work, know there’s a better way, but can’t figure out what

· Want work to feel like play, play your game, and follow your rules

· …and with playmates you choose

If this resonates, Charlie wants you to join him in his group class, Make Work Into Play.

“You can be scared of the dark if you’re alone... but if there's a friend there, you'll laugh.”

How do you restore love, fun, and beauty in your life? Can you really do better work without working harder or smarter?

Is it really as easy as play?

What can you do to heal your stress and anxiety? How do you cultivate a mindset that makes work feel like play?

How do you make sure you don’t lose it again?

Get the answers in this enlightening group class, Make Work Into Play. You will learn:

· How to shift your perspective so that everything feels like play

· How to cultivate a mindset that makes work enjoyable and fulfilling

· The biggest and deepest sources of stress for entrepreneurs

· And how to eliminate them

· The most effective techniques and exercises to heal your anxiety

· How to train your mind, body, and soul to make you healthier and happier

· How to make work feel natural and automatic

And the most valuable aspect of this deal: Charlie will help you overcome your personal struggles with workaholism and anxiety.

This group class will make you love work and life again. And be better at them too. 


**The group class is now sold out. But, because of the enormous demand for this deal, we've opened up another offer. Buyers in this second round will receive access to a video version of Charlie's 1-hour course on turning work into play, including a logical schedule to heal your anxiety and a list of practical anxiety-healing exercises and techniques. You'll also be invited to the private group for buyers - a playground full of new playmates to bring fun and meaning back to your life.**

Get started now. If you want to do better work by making it into play, click “Get This!” now.

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