Design Skill Class by Stepan Parunashvili

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Welcome to the first day at GiveGetWin! We're bringing you the opportunity to get products and services waaaaaay cheaper than you normally would, with all the proceeds going to charity. It's an opportunity to give, to get in return, and for everyone to win. We're excited for the people who donate their products and services, because they get to connect with amazing people like you and make new friends and connections. We're excited for you, because we're bringing a wide array of different deals at an amazing value -- you get to do good for the world, and receive help in achieving your goals in the process. Every day what's on offer will change, rotating between many different types of valuable stuff for people coming up in the world. Today, we're focused on design by a talented guy that I've had the great fortune of working with over the last year. If you're doing any sort of design or webdesign, today will be great value for you. If that's not you, but you've got designer friends -- be a hero and send them over here. And don't forget to come back tomorrow!

Do you want to take your design skill to the next level, create more elegant sites that clients and customers love, and be able to increase your freelancing rates and conversions at the same time? This class is for you.

Many designers can make decently functional sites, but the rates they can charge get stuck in the high hundreds-of-dollars or low thousands. At the same time, top-notch designers can command incredibly more. Paul Rand famously billed Steve Jobs $100,000 for the NEXT logo.

What's the difference between the designer who is struggling to keep the lights on, and the designer who is getting exactly what he or she wants from the craft?

Is it laziness?

Probably not -- most web designers work really hard.

Is it lack of intelligence?

Definitely not -- across the board, people getting into design and webdesign tend to be quite smart and with a problem-solving attitude.

So, what is it?

Stepan Parunashvili's perspective? You can't feel comfortable commanding higher rates if get the 'something is missing' feeling when you see work from other designers, and you don't know what's different from yours.

After you've gotten the fundamentals down, it's the last 10% of polish that makes everything look 100% more outstanding.

And that's what Stepan is going to teach you. He kicked off a life in design by dabbling in Photoshop at age 13, and hasn't looked back since. He's constantly studying, analyzing, and benchmarking against the best, and learning their tricks.

In this intimate, One Hour Design Class, you're going to learn multiple strategies and tricks to put those amazing finishing touches that makes clients go 'wow!' And you're going to get a perspective and new confidence to charge more, and get it!

Best of all, you're going to get closer to that level of skill you know you want to reach.

Stepan was the chief designer behind this four-star hotel's site.

You're going to learn...

- How improving your client communication, mapping your skills against their goals, and delivering that will get your higher rates and more work

- What are the design implications of HTML5 and CSS3 and how to apply them correctly to stay on the cutting edge and not fall behind

- All about the hype behind responsive design -- where and how to use responsive elements for maximum effectiveness?

- A great primer on advanced color theory.

- What clients really want (crucial -- learn to hear what clients are really saying past the surface words).

- An in-depth discussion of Internet Explorer (if you hate IE, you're in good company -- but getting a grasp of it is crucial for being the best).

- How to correctly apply things like border radius and box shadows -- masterfully walk the thin line between cheap/tryng-too-hard and refined elegance.

- Effective techniques to increase your prices and how to justify it to current clients so they're happy to pay more.

Who is this ideal for?

It's ideal for a freelance designer who wants to stay on top of design and level up his design a lot more. If you're working on websites for yourself or your company, it's also very relevant.

What is it?

A limited four-person class over Skype, with clear instructions followed by a Q&A. You'll get 90 minutes and learn some great new techniques. You're also getting some pre-made source files for your toolbox that are great value.

The cost to you is only $20 -- Stepan is working with GGW to create a great environment where everyone helps each other, helps the world, learns, and grows. You'd expect to pay $150+ for this kind of training in a commercial setting.

Only four, so grab your spot right now.

Are you ready to...
- Develop better design / craftsmanship...
- Be and feel up to speed...
- Charge higher rates...
- Have clients respect and appreciate your work...
- Turns your design from lackluster into blockbuster...
- Get to meet with a really cool designer with some cool skills...

...if so, grab your spot today. Stepan will coordinate a time that works for you so you'll definitely be able to attend. The value here is crazy at only $20, so grab your spot right now, and be a hero and tell a friend who it's relevant as well! 
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