Decision Making Mistakes, Avoiding Bias, Challenging Beliefs, Evidence

In this one-hour interactive class, Spencer Greenberg -- mathematician, hedge fund manager, and founder of the Clearer Thinking Project -- will teach you how about how to make better decisions, avoid bias, challenge your beliefs, and understand evidence. 

The end result?

Spencer wants you to be able to answer the question,

How Do We Know It’s True, and What To Do About It?

The implications are far-ranging and lead to better earning, better spending, better investing, and better decision making across broadly life's important decisions.

Spencer says,

The work in cognitive science and biases has been quite valuable and influential in academia, but hasn’t trickled down much to the general population.
Part of this is that it takes time to come out, but another part is that just hearing these ideas isn’t enough to start using them to improve your life.
You could learn that your brain misleads you in certain situations, but then you’ll need specific training to apply that knowledge and avoid bias in regular life.

The Clearer Thinking Project has developed tools, courses, and resources to de-bias that have been used by thousands, and gotten rave feedback.

Now is a good chance to connect with Spencer personally in an intimate one-hour class -- only eight attendees -- with an ability to make potential new friends and get direct and personal feedback from a very sharp thinker devoted to the very concept of clear thinking and rationality.

Due to the charitable nature of the project, the deal is available for only $19.95 -- a steal, we think. The class is at Sunday the 18th at 1PM Eastern Time and you'll have time to have your questions answered after some valuable hands-on training from Spencer. Reserve your spot today and see you the 18th!

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